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Bells have started ringing, only awaited is the name they would call. The turn of the century has seen much, and it isn’t hard to asses that more is coming our way. If “Misbalance of Power” in Europe 100 years back was paving way for the War of all Wars (1st WW 1914-19), it seems that the same peccadillo is in repetition, sadly. One learns so much from history, but the biggest lesson remains that folly is to the aggressor as oppressions is to the dumb. If 20th century empires went for the greatest war in desperation of their eroding glory, the 21st century dominators are all set to clash for greed, self erected ideals, refusal to coexist and limitation to tolerance. What started as a day of terror in 2001 (9/11) has ended up exposing the real face of state terror, where might stays right and difference gets resolved by “Daisy Cutters or Hell Fire Missiles”.

                                                 The “War on Terror” initiated against non-state, little known or heard band of fundamentalist called Al-Qaeda has proved a rope, which the playmakers from Tel Aviv to Jeddah are slowly, painfully and thoughtfully tightening against their appropriate “Rogue States”. The actors are more than plentiful, so is the case with supposed objectives but somehow it seems that the stakes have been set without a contingency or exit plan. What started as G.W.Bush Jr obsession has somehow transformed itself into Obama’s odyssey. The call for Syria and Iran has started, or if I correct myself cannons have been positioned, what remains is the alignment of firing trajectory. General Assembly or Security Council, less will it matter once the Majesty and his Musketeers have rolled onto the field. The question which we have to ask is simple, will the Allies provoke the Axis or it will be delayed for a later but sure day. China and Russia have shown a joint front with their veto, a symbolic defiance up till now but there future course will be decided by the stakes this newly devised adventure carries. Americans have brought home the biggest fear which atleast one community had in their mind while they shared with them the sorrows of 9/11, a war package garnished against extremist Islam in the ploy of accommodating its precious yet obnoxious ally. But the Majesty has a catch in this gesture as well, pushing its long standing ideological foes in Moscow and Beijing to the edge of their patience, in a view of either bringing this cold and reformed enmity into the open or making sure that deep in their heart they accept that like a paralyzed soul, they die themselves of the realization that the mismatch of armory, riches and resolve is too much for them to disagree, and bring themselves to submission as the last act.

                                                      The question is not of Human Rights (Syria) or a holy possession in unholy hands (Iran Nuclear Capability), but it’s more of the long standing maxim of strength that when you have it, let the sword settle the score whether evil or noble. Syria as such won’t be a powder keg as compared to Iran, but in case the game plan starts rolling it’s important to break down what it may have for all of us. With well tamed Media showing modern “Concentration Camp” scenario in Damascus and suburb, a swift action by Majesty’s brigade will be enough to set Assad’s dominos falling. Ideally as per Libya, streets will be seen illuminating with liberated crowds, overwhelmed at newly found grace and prosperity which resulted through bombs from aliens on there’s own, really the time changes so does the tradition. Followed will be a civilized yet shadowy setup, call it transitional which will be dancing to the opera for who knows when. Tehran won’t be different in terms of operation “D-Day” for the majesty, though the projection will be as if a serpent, with venom in every strike has been brought under grip after tremendous heroics. Confused; well track back to “Desert Storm” adventure against Saddam. It seemed to the world as if Saddam with his Republican Guards will be marching in Munich shortly when “Scuds” started blasting, only to realize that it was nothing more than “Dutch Courage”. Same will be the case with Iran, unlike Syria they will be allowed to resist a bit, few strikes on and off before the final push to take away everything they had from invincibility to resolute stance. If I failed to mention Hamas and Hezbollah, just have a dose that their action if any will pave the way for Majesty to expand his victorious march a bit further, let it be Beirut or Gaza.

                                       All well that ends well for Majesty in case of calculated or imaginable perceptions. But as the wise before Majesty found, misperception is the final nail on every tall claim. What if Damascus and Tehran proves to be the fault line Huntington feared, a vague but accepted divide which crossed will have no return, a clash that will see no reality or religion. What if the community earlier mentioned, the presumed drugged masses from Ayubi and Zangi, woke to the reality of the royalties, who have given them the riches of black gold but at the expense of their pride and faith. The well executed tremor at Syria and Damascus from Majesty gives way to the feared jolt in Arabia, the real Arab Spring in place of Obama’s spring. Yes, this can be the case where all norms of international decorum will be taken aside by the will of the hearts, silent for centuries.

                                    A fault line it is and can well be the start of the feared blood line. Take another case, the one which features Allies pitted against the Axis. What if Beijing and Moscow long way back had chalked out Tehran as there last line of defense, a defense from encirclement that pains by the day and gives fear at nights, of enemy’s boots in the backyard or the previous playing field now turned the battle field. The same which took Putin to war in Georgia and gave way to Abkhazia and South Ossetia or what caught General Mc Arthur and his men at Yallu River (Korea 1950). Russia has shown so much defiance when it comes to missile shield in Europe, the more they have exhibited when it has come to the riches Majesty desired in and around Caspian. An entry into Iran will be the direct pathway to the treasured lake or sea of unknown, the one Majesty couldn’t pull through Georgia or Afghanistan until recently. It’s a tight rope that we travel in political world, but its even tighter when it comes to assessing the catch of the deeds committed in the name of RealPolitik or Ideological realignment. Majesty is all set to start the show, a show which has all the twists except the climax which was never thought, penned down or calculated………………………………….Lets brace ourselves!!!!


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