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 I did my best all the way, but today’s nucleus of media screen has made two expressions permanent on my face, one of laughter and the other of distress. The foremost expression is for my Democratically, unanimously elected PM, dedicated to his innocence. I mean if merit, morality and words of the books (Constitution) are set aside, he once and for all qualifies as the best among all we had. See, that’s why I say his reply to the Honorable Court (SC) today is self explanatory of my assumptions and calculations. My PM’s stance is clear that he won’t be a “Laghari” whose hidden instincts (I stop short of conscience) made him betray his party, though no one ever considered that his role (Designation) at that time bound him to have the state above his party. He is right that the calls from Constitutional Avenue every now and then is proving hindrance to his usual services to the nation of 180 million, whom have been guaranteed electricity, justice, economical well being, prosperity and above all dignity in his stint. Don’t they consider that he as the unanimously elected Premier has to spare time for his allies, who no wonder may belong to Q, MQM or ANP but stands as a vital signature for this blessed “Rule of the Prized” upon us. By him being occupied by the sermons, how can he guide his allies to continue the glory gained by the Railways, Law and Order guaranteed in Karachi and Treasure Vaults booming in Gujarat…………..truly it’s a bit harsh to question this overwhelming basket of credentials my Premier has earned in a period of 48 months. And the letter, well now again it’s about under establishing and wrong estimation of his duties and obligation toward his masses. With economy booming, industries making head way night and day and FDI queuing for a chance to invest in this ideal business hub, how can he spare time and energy to pursue some outstanding $60 million or so……………….a reality no wonder every one especially boys doing justice ignored. Enough of my laughter’s, it is time to unveil my distress as well. In short, “ My Lord, Why this Doctrine of Tareekh pe Tareekh (hearing after Hearing)”. If a half boiled freaky brain of mine sees all this, what has ties you…………….the repercussions, the card or martyr dilemma, My Lord this “Justice Delayed” has awarded injustice to the masses, every one of them each passing second. We breath in fear, we live in awe and we foresee misery. This season of change from authoritarian to Public voice (Post 2008) has stripped us of every bit that we had, of prosperity, dreams, expectations and aspirations. The corrosion, aided by catalyst like corruption, injustice, deceit, ethnicity, lawlessness, internal turmoil and distrustful loyalties to the mother land is playing its part, unless someone designated to the role of watch over intervenes and brings the house in order. Enough of this nonsense, a mockery imposed on ourselves by us, a tainted face decorated by our deeds. What has remained a restrain must now be replaced with a resolve, a firm stand on the principles and guidelines which guarantee our existence, sovereignty and identity. We want it, and the time calls for it. Otherwise “Rome was burning” is all we would or those after us will recall of this dark night…………………………………… May Allah Bless and Protect Pakistan, Ameen!!!!!


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