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The post-election run down has lived to its expectations with renewed twists and turns. Imran Khan, PTI Chairman and spearhead of Pakistan’s 2nd largest political force has set the stage on fire with his acts and words. His latest conquest it seems has moved far away from his established political foes, the Sharif’s. Khan Sahab has for now locked horns with the Supreme Court of Pakistan, on what he terms as their inability and incompetence in ensuring transparent transition of power in Pakistan. From the word go, Khan Sahab and his highly charged followers have blamed country’s judiciary for depriving them of their due role in the country’s corridor of power, with most flawed supervision of elections held in May 2013. Initially it was over a dozen electoral seats that were termed controversial, which are now down to four. Khan’s party has demanded a reassessment on these seats for the irregularities during Election Day.


                To add fuel to the already ignited grievance, Presidential elections were far more than PTI and Khan Sahab could absorb. CJ decision over the change in schedule over PML-N petition was seen as a strike on PTI’s chances of winning the elections, or at least giving the ruling party a tough time. Khan Sahab showed political acumen by not going for a boycott as was the case with PPP, but his post-election criticism over judiciary has left him in the middle of a legal storm. He has been served a contempt notice for ridiculing the top most court in his interaction with media, where he went all out over the partiality of the Supreme Court judges in their activism in cases/ petitions pertaining to ruling party in comparison to the petitions in queue filed over flawed elections by his party. The 1st hearing has made the case even worse, with what seems to be a battle going to the wire. Khan Sahab prior to the hearing had assumed a stand till the end over his controversial remarks, setting the tone for proceedings within the court. The court has played safe by giving him time to refile his response over the comments, after his replies on the said statement were rejected by the CJ. On the other hand it seems than Khan Sahab has made up his mind not to pass on a formal apology, with his claim of towing his stance come whatever may from the court.

                In politics, every action counts and when it involves a figure like Khan, the stakes get even higher. It is clear that he and his party men have not settled for the role they have in the shape of a government in KPK. For them, Islamabad is the end line and it seems that there is no desire to let it prolong for the next 5 years. For this, with the word go Khan Sahab and PTI have gone for a confrontational stance over all issues, without considering the grounds and basis at the 1st place. From Drone Strikes to Power Outages, PTI leadership in KPK have assumed a rigid stance without addressing the central issues. The legal battle with the top court is entirely unwanted for PTI, Khan Sahab and especially Pakistan at this hour. PTI rides on the notion of change, and has brought loads of 1st time voters to the polling station in 2013, reflecting their varying success in nearly all provinces. The change it promises can only be trusted if it is exhibited in their domain, the KPK first. But in over 30 days of being in power, the party has yet to align its actions with its words. On the eve of Presidential election, the biggest security breach has occurred in D I Khan, constitutionally under the due control of Khan Sahab and his men. A brigade of TTP warriors stormed the prison in one of the most fortified cities in KPK, achieving a shocking but comprehensive victory with the unchecked and unhindered release of over 300 terrorists. A “Mum” prevails from Islamabad to Peshawar as if nothing ever happened. It was a failure of provincial government under CM Khattak which failed to address the prior warnings by Federal Agencies over a possible assault on DI Khan jail. But most surprisingly, Khan Sahab has not taken notice of this folly or raised alarm over the collective criminal negligence of all institutions charged with the safety and security of the citizen of Pakistan. May be I got it wrong, infact Khan Sahab has already made it clear that it isn’t our war, nor we need to fight with our people even if they turned up as TTP. So instead of pursuing this episode, dialogue will be better and Adnan Rasheed can be asked as to why he has sent his devotees to DI Khan. Agreed!

                It is alarming that the 2nd largest party shares a unique stance over an insurgency/ rebellion which has claimed over 40,000 lives in Pakistan. Dialogues in all books of political science and international affairs is done from a position of strength, else it is mere appeasement. This appeasement was adopted by the parliament over Swat, only to have Fazalullah hanging security men at Khooni Chowk a week later. The DI Khan jail break required exemplary leadership and initiative from PTI which they have gladly ignored.

Toward load shedding, Khan Sahab team has joined the mob sighting failure of federal government in addressing this issue.  Street smartness pays duly in the politics of Pakistan, and it seems that PTI is a fast learner when it comes to traditional ways of managing this land. The Federal Government has laid out a clear policy of dealing with line losses, especially power theft with iron hands. CM KPK has yet to roll out his stance over KPK mismanagement of power resources, with statistics reflecting the province as responsible for the mightiest share of entire line losses. Their backing to the mob has cultivated due results with a heavily armed procession in Bannu taking the affairs in their hands, although it was shared by the Minister for Power that the 2 grids in Bannu have an accumulative 95% line losses. So, as per policy they are ready to let those suffer across Pakistan and KPK who have paid their tariffs till date through renewed load shedding and excessive billing.

                Toward health, it was alarming that in the aftermath of 2/5 Abbottabad raid by US Seals, polio and other vaccination teams were attacked across Pakistan, including KPK. The misperception attached with vaccination is an alarming issue, exposing millions of children’s across Pakistan and KPK to perilous diseases. Having said this, till date no clear cut initiative has been taken over this issue which can be addressed quite simply through dialogue and awareness to the stakeholders involved.

                Toward drone strikes, it stands clear now that nor is Pakistan in a position to dictate its terms to the Americans nor US is ready to respect what is left of our sovereignty. The only way forward is to have a unified policy on provincial and national level. Lobbying at international level along with clear cut distinction in foes and friends will compel Americans to end this reign of shame in Pakistan. The KPK government must devise a policy of collecting first hand facts and figures over the strikes, the targeted and the civilian damage caused for a true picture over these issues. Even if Khan Sahab goes Asoka over his stance on dialogue with militants, I wonder how he will address the natives who are losing dear ones to suicide strikes every hour.

Prior to elections, ANP led government was widely involved in rampant corruption and irregularities, reflected in their performance and later accountability through votes. Over this, PTI has yet to initiate a single inquiry in KPK. Only transparent and absolute accountability can set the standards for the new legislators of PTI to follow an exemplary path, but toward this PTI is as friendly as they can be.

                In all, the nucleus of argument remains that Khan Sahab is no more a rookie as was the case a few years back. He has won the trust of millions across Pakistan but maybe he is far from realizing the obligation this has embedded. It will be tragic if the 2nd largest party in Pakistan resorts to an action plan on these lines. It is mostly agreed that deviation from democracy has served the biggest destruction to Pakistan without mentioning that the irresponsible and reckless behavior of democratic forces in different eras have paved the way for this tragic disruption. I fear that a new page might get added sooner or later if Khan Sahab continues with his heroics.           


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