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Well nothing to worry about, as we have no more to retain or preserve. From identity to sovereignty, nationalism to dignity, one after one we have compromised ourselves and keeping up the tradition, more is to come in a democratic manner.


For a brief preview, the honourable court, the superior of them all took up a petition few month back regarding parliamentarians, the representative of us, the deaf and dumb 180 million, and the en trustees of our future to come who have deceived the electoral system of the state by keeping in vogue their foreign nationality other than the state and the masses they have pledged to represent and defend. If i am allowed to be a bit romantic with the choice of words i make, the under discussion parliamentarians have assumed the guardianship here while remaining faithful to their white masters across the Atlantic. The court, in a historical judgement went as far as to virtually read the declaration of citizenship ofAmerica, which clearly binds its oath taker to sacrifice his or her life in defence of the state, that isAmerica itself. Ms Fauzia Inspahani, the decorated better half of declared “Enemy of the State” and the protagonist  of Memo-Gate was the 1st to face the music, with a suspension from National Assembly.


To add more insult to the already  wounded nation, the man entrusted with the security and defense of our state by parliament not only fooled the court but us as well  by claiming to have surrendered his British citizenship, only to be found lying a few days later for not producing the evidence for what he stated. Yes you got it right, its our very own Rehman Baba. This happens at the time when the nation has been hurt in every corner by the enemies, external or internal and a man of such credibility has been allowed to safeguard us……………Wow that’s the democratic norm of having democracy as the best revenge and guardian. The President, the honorable flag bearer of the state, couldn’t see our defense moving into mistrusted hands other than Rehman Baba. So taking view of the emerging crisis just the way he did in the case of load shedding and Karachi Massacre, the interior minister was re designated to advisor on interior, ensuring that the expertise which has guarded us internally and externally for the past 4 odd years should remain in the same role……………………Hurrah ! You need ages to have Executives above you to care for you in this manner…………………….


Being threatened by the courts of again bothering our ideal parliamentarians from their endless service to the masses, Dear President has personally traveled toLondon, to settle the matters with the Bhai, as his expertise in foreign relations and matters regarding national security will help decide all. As per the precedence, the democratic King and his trusted musketeers from the kind legions of ANP, MQM, Q and JUI F will do their best to safeguard our national values by joining hand on this issue, just the way they have found fraternity in combating corruption in Railways (ANP), bringing peace in Karachi (MQM), settling NICL and fertilizer sector (Q) and allocation of just and merit based Hajj Quotas (JUI F). ………………………….

Hail Democracy and the forces guarding it……………………………..


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