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2012 has hardly kicked off, but the outcome can be sketched from the onset even then.  If PTI’s Tsunami and “Memo-Gate” has rocked the political thrones toward the end of 2011, it seems that Supreme Court is all set to tarnish the smoke screen and policy of “Eyes Sideways” from the cases in cold storage. Today’s verdict might be sketchy in term of execution, but between the lines the honorable judiciary has set forward its theme.

The “Musical Chair” between Judiciary and Executive is on for the last 3 years or so, with one side showing its resolve to deliver what they are meant to (justice) while the latter inventing ever new tricks to dodge the onslaught in the face of this action. What remained a story of intention somehow turned into determination with President Zardari’s recent interview to Geo News. It was intended to be a milestone from Presidency to shrug of its label of doing politics from behind the walls, but somehow in less than a week of its going on air, it has gathered the sight of the watchful eyes. Mr President was highly confident when it came to the response, but it holds true that he somehow lost his way during the course of interview. His response made it mandatory on a common viewer to assess whether the interviewee was conducting himself as the top most office bearer of the state, or else a political entity merged into the top office. His response, especially regarding NRO that it was a party decision that letter won’t be written during the present setup, was enough to make the already looming storm, burst. And so it did with today’s verdict.

The court has left some question marks, but where it has put down its foot the result  are beyond anyone’s expectation. In black and white fingers have not only been raised, but directed to the top offices, including the President and the Premier with uncertainties over there honesty, loyalties and intentions. Larger bench or the 6 options put forward is a different aspect, SC has placed the label of unfaithfulness to the oath and loyalty to personal deeds rather than the constitution and the state.

The mood in Islamabad is highly unpleasant today, though snow over Margalla had all the strength to do the opposite. It holds true that “Love and war is the outcome of misperception”. The executives not only misperceived, but underestimated the building storm over them, and it won’t be wrong to say that it’s “Eye” is yet to strike the shores.

Let me recall that we have NRO implementation case on the table today, whereas MEMOGATE is also on the menu. Mr Ijaz with his arrival will unleash the Pandora box hardly calculated. Forensic experts might be fired last night, but the court won’t buy this excuse. Even if this wasn’t enough, PM’s interview to Chinese Television during the presence of COAS Kayani in Beijing has not been welcomed at all. The rivalry which was overt but behind curtain has been revealed. Is it a signal that things have moved beyond repair between the boys in uniform and the ruling executives?……………… Obviously affirmative!

The planned political martyrdom of the government is moving closer to the edge, with all the signs of a final but fatal showdown. The victor is premature to be announced, but it is confirmed to all and sundry that 180 million Pakistanis are heading for the roller coaster ride on a cut throat island, rather than the one running in Disney Land!!!!!


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