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It was coming, we all knew but General Mullen was outpaced even by his own words when he tried something only he knows better. The world strongest force, mightier in man power, technology and arsenal than any seen on Earth, being handicapped by a band of outlaws, terrorist, Jihadis whatever you label them is highly bizarre. The way Americans have raised alarms on Haqqani’s relatively resembles the attitude and actions we saw in the case of Saddam’s “WMD” and “Al Qaeda Invincibility” post 9/11 season. Pakistanis, ofcourse like on 2nd May were caught off guard and in other words (though I feel a bit harsh) have been stabbed in the back by their very own buddy. Both Panetta and Mullen dropped bombs in their testimony not only on Pakistani establishment, but rather more on the wisdom of a superpower, its policy makers, its intelligence and above all themselves. Where Osama’s killing was seen as a decent excuse for Americans to secure a graceful exit, this new debate of Haqqani group being run from Islamabad has placed the whole nightmare of “War on Terror” again at ground zero. Mullen coming out with his verdict of ISI being interlock with the Haqqani’s is something more than just a accusation or a revelation. In fact, I stand by both the groups which have tried to translate this statement into future course of action.

The 1st, known as over-enthusiast, have jumped to the conclusion that US via Mullen have prepared the ground for “Mission Pakistan”, feared since long and like a predator US has developed an appetite of swallowing and rupturing states in the most horrific manner. We saw it in Japan, than in Vietnam, they almost pulled it in Cuba, later in Afghanistan (Post Soviet Invasion), Somalia, Haiti and in the 21st century we see this in Afghanistan, Iraq and now in Pakistan. Sometime for oil and in other cases merely to achieve it’s covert goals set many decades ahead. As per over-enthusiastic lot, Pakistan will be taken down by the Americans, running away from the failure in Afghanistan, or to sight their frustration in Afghanistan the best way forward will be the “crazy child theory”. Innocent as he himself presumes, the poor child has been denied the chance to own a glittering toy from a shop or some close by toddler. With no argument or sense to support his urge, the child shows his resolve by either crying like a true sissy or in certain case resort to breaking his own arsenal of toys. Mullen was close to this, if we take over-enthusiast verdict on this case. Wanting Afghanistan for god knows what, let it be a symbol of being more rigid than the Red Army in its golden days, to secure much strived energy corridor into Central Asia or let it be the containment of China, Iran or Pakistan, America policy makers like Mullen have no answer to the question “Why we are here in the 1st place”? This leads them to the crying or breaking conclusion just like that sissy with the toy. With this in mind, Americans after ten years have concluded that actually it wasn’t Afghanistan nor the Taliban (As now they have good and bad Taliban), but rather it was Pakistan Military and ISI which were the king makers, our troops being threatened by a gang known as Haqqani’s sponsored by them and so under “Manifest Destiny” US will lay down its hands on Pakistan. Agreed…………………….!!


The second lot, let they be “All Out Idealist” will take the other stance that now with Americans tightening the screws of ISI and Pak Army, a message will be interpreted in Pakistan as the one General did after 9/11, that you are with us or on a highway to hell, and Kiyani and his boys will whisper in President’s ear that “Democracy is the best revenge, and let the US take away whatever sovereignty we have got, especially after drone and May 2nd saga. Time will change, we will be ok with many packages like Kerry Lugar and the masses will be dozed with the invincibility and tales from the past glory”………………Hurrah! Cant blame this lot as well because in past this has happened on many frontiers, especially with a super power on one side and an out of proportion state on the other end. But there are many cases when seemingly none have taken on everyone, and history does repeats itself.

Coming out of this “Over-Enthusiast and All Out Idealist” nonsense, the fact is that this time around their wont be a turning back, both for Pakistan or the Americans. Mullen with the blessing of his master, the acclaimed “Noble President” has gone too far for a retreat, so is the case with Pakistan and its security machinery, which has gone too far as well to safeguard their interest, taking out the pleasure of the “Hercules” and appeasement from the equation. The free fall of the relation has gone too far, and there is a limit to the wind brakes a parachute can apply to save the jumper. So let us break down for your ease what Mullen and the US have really rolled out, and by this where they have pushed the Pakistanis.

  1. Mullen, with his testimony of ISI and Pakistan behind Kabul attack, has made it clear to US public that we have found the guys killing our boys 10,000 miles away……………..and with this how will they sit next to Pakistanis on the table of talks even if diplomacy is given the chance.
  2. For Pakistan, the rocky path they have followed has ended up in a steep fall. By turning a war within, they have been rewarded with the label of double cross. If Americans verdict hold true, Pakistan’s policy toward W.O.T and Afghanistan have reached a cross road, where our interest and concerns directly collides with those of the Americans.
  3. About the repeat of Musharaff submission, being threatened of being turned into Stone Age civilization, we have nothing to worry now. They have gone far ahead from being caved animals, with economy destroyed, sovereignty tarnished, 35,000 dead by a barbaric enemy hardly visible and still seen as the power supporting terrorist around the globe. The policy maker very well know that if American designs go uncheck, we will live every day and die as well with a fear of insecurity, disgrace, insurgency and paid separatist movements.
  4. I am amazed why American media didn’t catch team Mullen by their collars for waking up so late, in case he has sense behind his testimony. The public should know very well that Americans did posses the seals in 2001 as they did in 2011, which traced and eliminated Bin Laden on May 2nd. The whole 10 year honeymoon in Afghanistan wasn’t needed, their were a million alternates. US turning to Taliban under the context of being good and bad in a clear sign that they have lost the case of Afghanistan in terms of rationality and sense. The Talibs were targeted at that time due to their ideology, or the strict interpretation of Islam rather than the one which kills American or picks up arms or not. Haven’t heard any Taliban fiction leaving that school of thought while Americans are seen trailing any shadow of Taliban willing to even talk with them.
  5. The high profile killing in the last few months in Afghanistan was a clear sign that Taliban have rejected US end plan, definitively on the pretext that they enjoy the upper hand in the presence of US troops on the ground, and are in no mood of giving Americans a graceful exit or limited presence in Afghanistan.
  6. The response from Pakistan Military and the chain diplomatic events shows the seriousness Pakistan attaches to this claim. On the foot prints of the 1st school of thought, they have shown their resolve of a strong defense, let it be any enemy. There is no backing off this time around, as the water has clearly surpassed their necks. Diplomacy will be given the chance, but the thought of the worse will not leave their mind in times to come.
  7. The only problem with Afghan end game is Americans. Let the NATO/ISAF make the exit by handing over power to a UN controlled (Not Labeled) peace keeping force, with an executive council of friendly states tasked to bring all the factions to the table of talks. This is the only way out of this menace US has created in Afghanistan for the past 10 years.

The situation is as grave as one can imagine, and none of the outcome can be ruled out. Pakistan, knows well that it will be a showdown till the last man, while US knows well that they will be tested till the last dollar is spent in their new chosen arena. The final outcome will be decided by the fate, but the smoke ignited by Mullen has all the potential of suffocating millions across the territories.


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