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TruthDenied is proud of Aamir Khan’s triumph at Las Vegas, sending US favorite Zab Judah packing in the 5th round. With love and best wishes from Pakistan, and prayers that you keep claiming more titles like this.





Khan was born and raised in Bolton, England, in a British Pakistani family. His family originated from Matore,  Kahuta near Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan.He belongs to the Janjua Rajput clan, a martial and warrior tribe of the Punjab Region.

As well as speaking English, Khan also speaks Punjabi and Urdu. He was educated at Smithills School in Bolton,and Bolton Community College. Khan has two sisters and one brother, Haroon Khan, who is an amateur boxer.His first cousin is the English cricketer Sajjid Khan. Khan is a practicing  Muslim.As well as boxing, Khan enjoys playing sports such as cricket, football and basketball. He is an avid supporter of his local football club, Bolton Wanderers, and uses the club’s training facilities.

Khan began to box competitively at the age of 11, with early honours including three English school titles, three junior ABA titles, and gold at the 2003 Junior Olympics.In early 2004 he won a gold medal at the European Student Championships in Lithuania, and in South Korea several months later he won world junior lightweight title after fighting five times in seven days. One of his notable early amateur fights was against Ortiz, whom he defeated in a second round stoppage.





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