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Team Obama since 2nd May seems to have sealed the triumph in Afghanistan, and rest assured this reality starts from White House and ends at Pentagon. A lot has been cooked up regarding US chartered end game in Afghanistan, how they have separated “Good Talibs from the Bad One’s”, Al Qaeda paralyzed after OBL’s elimination and above all, team Karzai is a mirror image of George Washington’s brigade taking over charge once the Imperial force (US) leaves Afghanistan. Obama, US media and its security apparatus has very cautiously covered the reality of Afghanistan and its helpless masses through a smoke screen, a cover up which will be terrible than the one seen in Rwanda, Congo and Liberia.

Where Nixon and Kissinger had the courage to comply with a graceful departure in Vietnam, Obama and Mrs. Clinton has initiated the “Dance of Blood” by saving their skin, claiming to have brought everything to normal in order to move ahead with the transition. In reality, the case is all together difference. Like day 1, the Taliban under Mullah Omar have stood by the policy of no talks with foreign boots on Afghan soil, and 10 years of ground invasion, daisy cutter strikes and drone surveillance by US has succeeded in neither forcing them nor breaking them.

2 recent events in less than a week is enough for the optimists inside and outside Afghanistan that US departure is linked to a stable and peaceful Afghanistan. Taliban sent Karzai packing by taking out his half brother Abdul Wali, one of the strongest man in Southern Afghanistan (Kandahar) and later his closest and trusted aide Jan Mohammad. Abdul Wali, often seen as the driving force for US strategy to counter Taliban in their heartland Kandahar, was killed by one of his trusted aide inside his residence, often seen as a building more secure than the Presidential palace in Kabul. Later, Taliban boldly claimed that this is their biggest triumph, and their enrollment of an aide of Abdul Wali shows their strength and roots. In case on Jan Mohammad, two trained attackers did the job while he was well protected. This display of strength at this vital point from Taliban holds significant importance. The targets were well selected to send the message across the board, clearing the smoke screen created by US from the last 10 years. World’s endorsement of US and Karzai lead “end game” in reality is a death warrant for a stable and prosperous Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s silence, like the one after 9/11 will be seen as another contribution to the its self destruction, as the legacy of another failure in Afghanistan will fall on us in one way or the other. Americans in the near past came out with delight for restoring contacts with Taliban. Reports flashed across global media regarding rounds of negotiation between US and Taliban secretly held in Malaysia and one Middle Eastern Muslim state, but there is no reality to this. What US has done is more disastrous than a genocide. In reality US with the aid of Karzai have established warlords with strong private militias in strategic parts of Afghanistan, presenting them as the breakaway fictions of Taliban. Abdul Wali Khan and Jan Mohammad were spearheading this effort, and one report claimed that Jan Mohammad’s nephew has a standing army of 30,000 warriors. Ofcourse, these US representatives covertly are running the biggest opium cartel in the world, and Abdul Wali Karzai was better known as the “God Father of Afghan Drug Trade”. So, from whatever angle you witness, US has the blood and destruction of Afghanistan’s coming generation on its hand.

It is time that the regional stake holders call an end to the party US and its allies were having in Afghanistan since 9/11. Afghanis need to decide what executive they need to carry them forward. The elections which placed Karzai back on the throne of Kabul were massively rigged, and proof was even provided by Western media, usually reluctant to come open on Afghanistan. US claimed success of election, sighting the absence of violence during the Election Day. Well, by logic they satisfied me with the argument but later the other side of the story emerged. Taliban of Afghanistan being a state centered force has not followed the ideology of Al Qaeda which strikes at random to enforce their fear. Taliban has a track record of not striking at places which has general public and for this reason the Election Day remained peaceful.  The only solution to afghan mess left by US is a UN supervised/ monitored free and fair election, or a series of referendum giving Afghanis the platform to express themselves and have their say in their future. The way US is rushing forward, Afghanistan is heading for the same state it was in the early 1990’s……………..anarchy. Karzai will be no different than Zain Ul Abidin, fleeing away with tones of gold to Geneva or some other place while in other case he will follow the legacy of Dr. Najeeb by hiding in some consulate, claiming immunity. Corruption has gone miles ahead, being the only notable achievement under his rule. A failed state of Afghanistan this time around will be disastrous for the region, as once more we can see the revival of a strict ideology ruling over the fate of Afghanis as a result of silence over this important issue. Else, US has a noble plan of throwing all the stake holders into the hellfire once more, and history shows that they aren’t reluctant in pursuing this approach.



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