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Pace of events post OBL killing has outpaced everyone, and there shouldn’t be another opinion on this point. The guy haunted millions in his life, and to carry his legacy of “terror” has done the same thing in his death. It is hardly 3 weeks passed his killing in Abbotabad but already tremors have struck Pakistan Defense apparatus, the Foreign Office and the GOP as well. This shockwave is more of a death wave coming from two sources currently; one from Washington D.C and the other from “TTP” unending spree of violence, blood shed and demolition of our valuable assets like we witnessed in PNS Mehran (PC 3 Orion’s).

The former 1st lady turned the “Iron Lady”, Hillary was here on what she termed as a “turning point” in US-Pak relationship, accompanied by Gen. Mullen. The way she conducted herself was no different from a manager given the task of “down sizing” his work force, and has the scariest look on his/ her face to make every one feel they are part of that list. Hillary’s statements like “GOP was unaware of Osama’s presence, but someone somewhere in Pak knew where OBL was or Pakistan has done a lot but its time for them to asses how much more we want ”……………its enough to raise eyebrows to their stretch. In light of her 1st verdict GOP has the clean chit while “Boys in Uniform” are now officially “US Bad Boys” and the second stance makes it clear that “Do More” is now officially “We are coming for more” policy. And rest assured, she has translated the exact mindset of Mr Obama and his CIA/ Pentagon team in the most transparent manner. So the countdown has begun, US has clearly eyed Pakistan but on what scale is something left to your imagination. But before moving forward, its very important to visit the past to see how a mid-range power from South Asia has become the “Shooting Gallery” of the sole super power. In the shortest manner I have tried to frame some answers.

Post 1989, US bids farewell to this region only to realize a few years after that they have done a grave miscalculation. The region they deserted as  “useless” have suddenly become a pain in their “back”. China, being nuclear from 1964 has dropped its economy bomb on the West and now has hands on the world as well while US has slowly been overtaken by this sleeping giant. The giant has made a partner in its neighbor as well, Pakistan which is now a declared nuclear power and with its strong assets in Afghanistan, has given China the unchecked domination of the gateway to future “energy corridor”, Central Asia. So two nuclear armed neighbors, cooperating and controlling on such a vital future asset was simply indigestible. Then comes extremist version. From 1979, Gen. Zia has converged this force into Pakistan and has established it their epic centre, whether it was Jihad against USSR or libertarian of Kashmiris against the Indians. With Pakistan’s support, this force now had a state of its own under Mullah Omar, and tied with Pakistan in every way possible. In a classical manner Osama was made a hero and given the thought of conquering US, planted among Taliban who were purely Afghan based force, and 9/11 was staged right under the nose of CIA/ FBI who today are praised by Obama as being “invincible”.

Questions for US Public:

Was their any Pakistani involved in 9/11? ISI was proved to be the driving force behind 9/11? How many states have been “reformed” by US from where the hijackers came from? The answer is “*****” and rightly so.

Now post 9/11, who has lost in Afghanistan. Was Pakistan given any influence/ role in post US invasion setup? The only concern of “Indian free” Afghanistan was addressed? Again the answer is “*****”.

10 Years on:

So now we have this situation where 35,000 Pakistani civilians and 5000 security personnel have been killed. The 1st suicide bomber emerged somewhere in 2004/5 and this state of economy was no where the way we see it. 2005, the growth rate was around 6 and IMF accounts cleared, not a single minute of load shedding or energy crisis which has now destroyed Pakistan economy and progress forever. Rightly so, you devil’s own have thrown us into Stone Age. This TTP drama was framed under your nose by RAW and is still going on, and this back stab will be written in history as the biggest treachery of all times.

But I wont stop short of pointing fingers on our own acts. Without self accountability their cannot be general accountability and for that every single Pakistani has to answer. Post 2007, every one was talking that the “end game” has started in Afghanistan except the leadership (Civilian/ Military) in Pakistan. They have let the outside actor roll their cards while waiting for the right moment, which came and went by without them noticing. I am not sure we have the time for this but still their can be numerous possibilities we can work on.

What Next:

Logically, our think tanks have been “swept away” in a single month of May in the year 2011. The “silence of the Lamb” shows it all. Lets see what Pakistan can do right now to save its existence:-

1)      Come out with the very simple Afghan policy. Karzai and his team are not acceptable, declare it as a foreign policy as they are harboring anti Pakistan forces. The last elections were “void” and it is well known globally so put your support to a moderate, national and Afghan representative government and engage every forum in the world under this mandate. Morally and legally, US is playing the role of classic “Mother-in-Law” of the house being obsolete, out dated has nothing to do but to spoil what ever is happening and is about to happen.

2)      Reform your institutes both civil and military. The leadership has to come out of the label of “not our” representatives. Go to the masses with referendum on drone attacks, NATO transit from Pakistan, relations with US etc.

3)      Military or ISI is equally loved by every Pakistani, but only when you stand as loins like you did before. When parliament subdued  itself against TTP in Swat initially and later you came out, we stood by you with heart and soul. When you conquered the mountains of Swat and its valleys with your blood, we  smiled and cried in your joy and pain. We just want your heads up, we want the same Gen Kiyani who took the 1st plane to bomb TTP hideouts. We love you and we will with all our heart. We like the Pasha who stood up against the pressure of being made “responsible” for 26/11, do the same and we are with you.

4)      The TTP is internal or external, please have a clear version. They have established themselves well in all these years that today they can penetrate anywhere. Two tier policy is needed, internal as well as external. Internally, move from “happy goes lucky” to a state of war. You need curfew go for it, you need black out go for it, speedy trials go for it. Hunt them and their accomplices in every house of Pakistan. Tap every bloody communication in a transparent manner and give them the treat of their life. Externally, follow their arms and money trail. Take the leads and go for a pursuit even if takes you to the bottom of Arabian sea, forget morality and repercussions, they cannot be more from the one we face today.

5)      Concentrate on two things to counter this terror menace in future. 1st, bring respected religious scholars to the limelight and place all our policies and laws in front of them so that we mould them in a manner that no impression is left of Pakistan towing foreign/ alien/ un Islamic agendas. At the same time with hardliners deal with an iron fist. Any Madrassah/ Sanctuary harboring foreign/ self made/ sectarian agenda should be sealed and the administrators taken to task in the harshest manners. No more of this absolute power into the hands of few who know nothing.

6)      Economic and political stability. All forces to strengthen the government as long as it behaves and when it deviates, make them accountable in the proper manner. If Pres Zardari plays with the tune of the masses, no one has a grudge but when “power corridors” bend to Trans Atlantic desires, no place for them in Pakistan. Pro public policies, uniform taxation and no more hajj and rental power scandals. Make new dams in every corner and those who oppose, negotiate with them in the light of justice. The left playing ethnic and national card should be declared “traitors” and dealt in the most fearless manner, and in light of what traitor deserves.

7)      Rest assured no Pakistani fears oppression of a tyrant, whether internal or external, Anglo or American. When we raised our head in 1940, on one hand we had white masters having half of the world under their belt while at the same time living with a nation 5 times bigger, but we achieved in 7 years independence that was never imagined. How many died? How many wars our ancestors fought? Its nothing wrong to raise your head against injustice, imposed disgrace and targeted destruction. Lets start today with 1st our own accountability and then move to the next stage.

To conclude, this nation is a blessed nation. What we have gone through in the past few years is something only we could bear. If it had happened in some other state, the kings would have dissolved their kingdoms and the citizens would have deserted their republic, but this land has kept us here, glued with the fragrance of its soil and the blood of our martyrs spread on its every corner. We wont go down into history as they have planned, because planning is to them and execution remains on how we act.

All for one and One for All………………………..Long Live My Pakistan, under the blessing of Almighty Allah.




    • Moazzam Hussain Tajdar
    • Posted May 28, 2011 at 12:02 pm
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    awsome, Hamid sb you breifly describe and analyze the current critical situation of our motehrland.

  1. I really appreceiate your emotion, feeeling and pain, and all what you have said is alll true. and the reall message i find in your last line
    ; We wont go down into history as they have planned, because planning is to them and execution remains on how we act,
    Thats precisely we need to recognize…… enough of conspiracy theories, what anyone does, is only done when we leave some space, we simly shoudnt allow this to happen, lets be proactive ,and lets be strong enough to face the challenge istead of putting teh blame on others…it hasnt helped us and would never do, Stay united and take the challange…sounds difficult but not impossible

    • @Sitara

      You have my consent!
      True in every dimension……………

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