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Seldom have we come across an event like this, but when it comes it calls for a nationwide feast. Mr Hassan Sadpara, hailing from Skardu, has become the second Pakistani to conquer the “King of all mounts”, the Everest. Hassan also bagged the excellence of conquering the summit without oxygen supply, a feat reflecting his unmatched talent as well as the training he did before this expedition. 48, Hassan has hoisted Pakistani flag proudly on top of 5 tallest mountains, and has given this grief stricken nation a hope that “there is light at the end of the tunnel”.

Hassan has been awarded prestigious national awards in the past, but this feat has landed him in the domain of “league of extra ordinary” Pakistanis. While going through the details available, it is worth mentioning that this expedition was financed by President office, by awarding him 6.5 million.

Everything has a hidden meaning, atleast I believe it. Mr Hassan did this expedition without oxygen, and his nation cannot live without foreign aid which is causing all the disgrace……….his resolute will alone has taken him to the level hardly imagined by mankind, what about the potential of 200 masses known to the world as Pakistanis……..think????? but no hard talk today, Mr Hassan you have made us so proud that its hard to express them in words. May Allah bless you and give courage to each one of us to do something, like this for the land we hold so dear to us…………………….

Pakistan Paindabad………………..



  1. we are true Pakistani and we will sacrifice our lives for our home land, we are ready for any kind of crisis. Pakistran Zindabad pakistan paindabad, Allhaho Akabar.

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