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As if we the 180 million masses had no other worry to take care of, a new has arrived courtesy our outstanding governing forces. As I write, the cable association of Pakistan aka Cap has thrown the entire nation into darkness, or in other form they have been deployed to let certain segments know that we can shut you up, directly and indirectly.

            The battle was on for quite some time now, especially when they went after a particular media group,  Geo with the blessing of those who have boycotted them openly, though holding public offices. First it was regarding blocking channel for viewer, later they resorted to shifting them to the last slots” ofcourse the reception issue is common if this happens”. The latest row emerged when they openly negated superior court verdict on exclusive rights of world cup telecast.

            In a press conference last night, it was amazing to see their tone of addressing all the stake holders, and from that I coined the terminology “god fathers”. Their responsibility is evident when one tunes their run channels filled with pathetic stage dramas depicting the culture and values of god knows what, a flood of neighbouring country films aired on more than 4 channels exclusively, which has destroyed Pakistani industry entirely, and now they want the right to control the mainstream media………..hurrah.

            What surprised me more was the fact that nearly every media channel seems to be supporting this cause, except the one in the line of fire. The 24 hour break down is a national crime and just another example that in a state we live in. there is only one law, and that is of jungle, might is right. The media groups isolating one must remember that when rain comes, it always pours. One by one the weapon will be used……….its just a matter of time. For the time being, have a good dark 24 hours away from globalization.


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