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A message for anti ghairat brigade,,spreading misperceptions regarding Raymond release due to the result of “Shariat Law”……

The last Muslim King of Spain, had a son after praying years for a heir to his kingdom. One day after he grew up, he somehow killed a Jew peasant after entering into a fight with him. The Qazi heard the case and declared him guilty. The son of the king convinced the father of slain Jew that it was an accident and without taking any money, the father and family agreed to forgive him under “diyat”. Qazi was again consulted and he accepted the developments, and the King son was freed. The case was observed by the King, and he intervened. He went to the father of the Jew killed, and told him that if it was my son killed, I love him so much that I cannot forgive his killers. How can you do that?????

The elderly Jew did his best to convince him that he has done this without any threat, but the king refused. He went to his son, and told him that although in the eyes of law you are free, in the book of history and justice it will be written that my power and position forced the decision in favor of you. For this, I have to take my decision.

The king with the consent of his son beheaded him personally, and claimed that justice has been served in my domain. It was a great set back for him and it is said that he couldn’t bear the loss of his son. He went into isolation and just a few weeks later died due to grief…………………………

Does this open your mind???hiding behind the cover of disgrace????dont put the sins of our executives into the basket of our faith……………….



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