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Lost Some Where……………..

Our visionary pundits of politics are busy in something which only
they and the angels accompanying them are aware of. Both in domestic
and international arena, it seems that the political lot has finally
decided to doom this land so dear to us which our ancestors named as
“Pakistan” 63 years back. Whether its democratic forces in the
corridor of power or let it be the era of dictatorship, the all have
failed equally when it comes to serving the nation as well as the 180
million masses inside their domain. They say

” Effort without direction is simply the waste of effort”

and beyond doubt i firmly believe that it is the case unfolding for
the present regime. If i am allowed to move a step further, in reality
nearly every institution in Pakistan is playing its own tune much
against the wishes of the masses as well as their foundamental
obligation. Chinese have this from their history

“Fish rots from the top”

and for that very reason the analysis of present situation must start
from the top office. The top executives of Pakistan including Mr Asif
Ali Zardari and Mr Gillani have done their best to keep this nation
confused as was the case in Musharraf era. From leasing out our
sovereignity to NATO, handling of the situation in the tribal belt and
Afghanistan, Lal Masjid saga and later Judicial crisis all he achieved
can be summed up in a simple quastion ” What was he upto or for whom
he was doing so” and without offending the current power grabber this
question has not changed much fom its original theme.

       On internation arena their superb diplomacy has nearly labelled us as
a state which has become the “spring board” for every mennace taking
place around the globe. Those they have appeased so much and whom they
have outwardly claimed their “masters for ever” are bringing the world
down on us from every direction and aspect on day to day basis. The
“doctorine of credibility and accountability” is one thing they have
given up long ago and their is no hope in the near future of them
adopting it. Power crisis, price hike and terrorism is one thing they
claimed to be the heritage from the past and like obedient grand sons
they have done their best to uphold this legacy. By an estimate the
law lessness in Pakistan has spread to nearly 30% of the entire
Pakistan and its not the tribal area or Balouchistan I am talking
about, but the prevailing situation in Karachi is a perfect example as
well. With PPP, ANP & MQM sitting as a coalation and nearly each of
them boasting of being their’s ” Karachi”, innocent natives and
settlers have paid the price on day to day basis. Turning Karachi into
Rio de Jenaro of Pakistan, they have changed colour with every
episode. On one hand they are seen labelling each other as the real
terrorist and the patrons of drug and land mafia while on the very
next day they are seen reassuring “reconcilliation” with each other
smiling shamelessly infront of the press. In the last 2 year alone
under the rule hundreds have perished in the name of target killing
and terrorist activities, but none of the public office holders have
shown the courage to step down or speak up, making it crystal clear
that every one has a share in this prevailing episode.

With such conditions prevailing around in Pakistan, the same
executives are seen locking horn with judiciary in one way or the
other. Their reluctance in implementing court order and the floating
conspiracy theories have brought the two institutions into a direct
clash with each other. Just a few days earlier we witnessed a climax
in this ongoing battle and it is too early to say that the night mare
for the masses is over. I would like to add some thing for the courts
in Pakistan as well. On macro level they have shown absolute resolve
in cases like these but on ground level their impact is nowhere to be
seen. Price hike has gone unchecked and same is for curruption and
injustice. The same courts got surpassed in both wheat and sugar
crisis while the common man on the street suffered. Moreover
government decision to depute UN Comission for the probe of Benazir
murder is a disgrace for the sitting judiciary. On theit own they
should have opened a full scale inquiery into the fatal murder because
ignorance from such an important event is unimaginable. Cases like
Sialkot murder of the two brothers is still pending without any
significant development. On the other hand thousands of applications
are pending of flood victims asking why they were sacrificed for the
will of few in power? With refrence to the situation in Karachi even
the 12th May 2007 massacre has yet to be adressed let alone the
current law and order situation.
       Moving away from courts we have the boys in uniform as another strong
stake holder in the affairs of the state. Undoubtedly their triumph in
Swat and Waziristan is remarkable and their bravery has added new
pages in the book of history but still their are many questions which
have remained unanswered. The war on terror within the state is on for
more than 8 years but its permenant setttlement is a far off affair.
Cross border raids from ISAF/ NATO and the record breaking drone
attacks have again raised many questions on our alliance with the
forces based in Afghanistan. On the other hand it was reported that
since 2009 we have yet to recieve any aid for the ongoing war on
terror. With ” do more” removed by “do everything” its becoming a
dangerous playing field for all the actors involved.
       Toward the end, its clear that the policy by the current regime and
the institutions linked with it is devised on day to day basis rather
than a thoughtful long term one and within this tragedy Pakistan and
its Pakistanis have become lost………………


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