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Marching Kashmir’s and the Shameless Silence!!

 Kashmir’s in the occupied territory have protested as long as I can search my memory, and the issue has been highlighted time and time again with nearly the same result….. “Ignorance”

Till now it was the international power centers’ ignoring their voice and one comes up readily with the justification being the “power politics” but the way Pakistani executives, legislature and foreign ministry has embraced silence this time around is beyond any one understanding. The recent uprising which we are witnessing has opened a new pendora box over this issue.

 We know very well that 9/11 changed Pakistan’s stance toward the freedom struggle in Kashmir and the ban on them virtually crippled their power. With Pakistan limited to its side, it was an open play field for Indians to move things in their direction, but of course this has not gone in their direction.

Though we saw nearly 7 years of some what stability, on and off Kashmir’s have shown their dissatisfaction on this forced status quo.

Whether it be the rape case involving Indian troops or extra judicial killing, New Delhi has failed to satisfy the masses their via its installed representatives Umer Abdullah, who successfully entered the most hated leader club recently by receiving shoes during a national day ceremony. All events point to the simple outcome that provided with ample time, India has failed to satisfy the Kashmir’s. Putting it the other way, Kashmiri’s have clearly rejected the Indian projection of this issue which has blamed Pakistan as the only party involved in the uprising. With Sri Nagar under indefinite curfew, scores of Kashmiri’s brutally killed every day and no one to halt this wave of terror, its clear that it’s the Kashmiri’s themselves who want a final solution rather than Pakistan igniting the fire. A recent survey showed that 65% Kashmiri’s have demanded a separate homeland. India has been wiped out clearly from its claim on the territory with such figures. For Pakistan, I m sure that the “shameless silence and reluctance” have contributed to this. Any how, even if that’s the case its time that all the stake holders should work in certain logical direction. Kashmir under India we cannot agree and same is the case if we reverse the situation agreed.


A more practical solution to this problem can be a demilitarized Kashmir under their self control, with a pledged guarantee to safeguard the interest of all the stake holders can be a practical step forward. With the condition in the region, it’s a rape time to start the “end game” on Kashmir.

For our government, like on most issues they have chosen the policy of “closed eyes and ear” while millions wait with hope toward them. At least you can run a successful diplomatic struggle on this issue, but of course that to requires sincere intentions and attested degrees at least!!!


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