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The Terror Wave of Karachi!!

Like many other issues, it seems that peace in Karachi has become a dream for the
current regime. Meetings, pledges and ultimatum have all gone in vain as the death toll
keep on rising every day and night. This is nothing new, and nearly every quarter has
shown its distress on this issue, but in the end it seems that the “city of light” has been
abandoned by those who are assigned to ensure public safety and security.
Two factors have greatly contributed to the current situation, as we see it today.
The division on political and ethnic bases has become so strong out there that it is simply
impossible to reverse this issue. Instead of taking on the issue head on, those in power
have found it easier to transfer the blame on “land/ drug mafia” and sometime calling it
the deeds of invisible hand. The two political stake holders have joined hand at the top,
but it has become clear that on the grass root level they are a world apart.

Without any distinction it is crystal clear that the “out laws” have got the support
of some political group, and they are used and disposed according to the need of the time.
If things continue in the same manner, it wont take long for Karachi to take over Rio de
Jinaro as the deadliest city on the planet. A few days back I had the honour of being part
of a discussion directed on this issue. A veteran in security affairs made one point clear
that in situation like these, it’s the technology which makes the difference. To this point I
was left guessing regarding the outcome of the so called “command and control centre”
established some time back by the top mayor of the region (the title is still suspicious).
Any one from the policy circle hoping that the traditional police force in Karachi will
deliver is simply day dreaming. For years political appointments in this sector have
destroyed the credibility of these institutes and people are forced to defend themselves
with what ever mean possible.
The immaturity of the political lot is clear from the fact that instead of calling for
an end, they are still pointing fingers at each other and reviewing their track record I can
say with guarantee that they have no willing in ending this menace from the life of
Karachiites. To end this saga once and for all, it is required that an all out operation must
be launched without taking into account the willingness of the political parties. Karachi
and its suburbs should be de weaponized and all the license, issued by different regimes at
different times must be cancelled. The hijacking of the biggest city of Pakistan is simply
unacceptable. This politics of interests have held Karachi back from matching Dubai and
Hong Kong although it has the most potential to surpass them.
Till now the establishment has always played its part by silencing the killing spree
for a few days, only to pave way for its return a few weeks later. Its time that once and for
all, the issue must be settled for good.


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