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The Devil’s Warrior…..

Since long the history has fascinated us with tales of Holy Warriors , who with their courage and high moral conduct not only conquered lands but hearts as well… whether it be Sultan Salah uddin Ayuabi or Mehmood of Ghazni,, not only followers of their faith but masses from every corner derived inspiration from them,,, but history has repeated itself in the most cruel manner which one would have imagined ,,, Islam whose followers were guided to treat well even the prisoners of war and where women and children were never to be considered as combatants ,have been penetrated by a breed whose atrocities will make even a barbarian like Genghis Khan say

“I wasn’t that Inhuman”.

In the name of faith these misguided and sometime hired merchants of death have destroyed the very foundation of Humanity and Morality….

The Bombing at “Data Darbar” is another example of their evil mentality, where the suicider perished with more than fifty innocent lives. Life has become so cruel that the one being butchered so brutally dose not knows who killed him, why and for whom it happened….. When our faith has made it clear that evil will be punished on the  “Day of  Judgement” and  the pious will be rewarded at the same time, what comes in the mind of these people who try to become super human by judging themselves the punishment for others,, while at the same time unclear about their own fate on that day. These Sufi’s whose shrine are still packed with devotees after many centuries were  the real driving force of Islam in its entry into the Sub-Continent  with the message of equality , humanity and love for all.

They brought millions under the banner of Islam, and how sad that next to their final resting place humans are torn apart in to pieces in the name of religion.

In Swat and Waziristan it was the enemy of state, while in this case its enemy of the faith, for a outsider there is nothing better than the fire of sectarianism engulfing our motherland and sorry to say, people among us have given them chance to do so. Sectarianism is nothing less than a termite which has silently eroded our foundation and now we have become vulnerable to any storm, whether it’s the case  of Shiite VS Sunni or Deobandi VS Brehalivi, its the true massage of Islam which gets side lined, and all we witness is the label of extremist and fundamentalists on our forehead , with things getting so severe, it is the task of every law enforcing agency to chalk out these institutes and individuals who spread  this evil agenda of killing innocent for the sake of religion, hang them upside down so that they become an example for every other soul working on these lines.

Politics is still being played on every level, where our “Rangeela  Governor Shab” was heard saying  that it was Punjab Govt whose inefficiency lead to this. Sir……. in case the entry was made fool proof at Data  Darbar, do you believe the bomber would have gone home and slept like you??? He would have gone for another target that night for sure,,, the need is that the Federal Govt along with provincial govt should sort out the breeding station for these terrorist instead of playing around the bush.. Secondly its time that the scholars from every sect should join hands to counter this menace of terrorism.

The Government needs assistance because the devil’s forces are fighting under the cover of religion, and for that it is required that our scholars should join hands in uncovering their evil agenda. Lets us pray that this land of pure once again becomes the paradise where followers of every faith enjoy peace, harmony and love among themselves…. Ameen.


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