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CIA,FBI,KGB,MOSAD,ISI & RAW have become house hold names , although they represent spy agencies of various countries.

Being the eyes and ear abroad , they are tasked to penetrate what’ s officially out of bound , extract what’s confidential and carry out what might be termed illegal in normal circumstances . Though spies have been used as long as our memory can take us, but somehow their orientation as an organized force emerged in the last century,,, the cold war  (1945-89) saw most advancement in this field with US & USSR relying on them extensively for their policy  decision and intelligence.  Adding more fuel, fictions like James Bond  007 captured real minds creating and image that they can do anything , anywhere and also that somehow the one assigned for this task super human,,, the end of cold war saw these activities sidelined but somehow it was a wrong assessment undoubtedly ,,,

Just two year back  Kremlin successfully removed ex-kgb  spy and Putin top critic in an operation in London, creating a diplomatic night mare for both ,, earlier this year Israeli agent posing as Australians assassinated top Hamas Boss in Dubai, whose inquiry is still under way,, Just two days back out of the blue US authorities arrested an 11 member Russian spy ring, which it claimed was working to extract nuclear and other important info while posing as US citizen . This action has landed both states in a bitter dispute at the time when political pundits predicted a reshaping in relation between the two archrivals, especially the way they went forward on missile shield and START renewal initiative ,,though the investigation is underway, different versions have emerged regarding this case with Medvedev visiting Obama and Putin hosting Bill Clinton , timing certainly was not perfect ,,

FBI version states that they were under surveillance for years makes the timing issues more sketchy ,,, at the same time a new prospective have also emerged , which has both Obama’s inability to act and US hidden establishment charter at its centre. US policy makers have behaved no different than a six years old kid buy choosing candy from sweet shop… off course the kid has two things in his mind (1) his greed pushes him to grab every item he can get his hands on (2) his utmost desire of not loosing a single penny from his pocket during the whole exercise…. US policy on some important issues shows it all. In Afghanistan  the President made it clear that they have to leave till 2011 in order to end this unpopular campaign but  still hurdles like not talking to Taliban from a weekened position has made it impossible … Secondly on Iran US projected an image of reconciliation when the deal was close to be secured by the aid of Brazil and Turkey ,, US took a U-Turn abandoning the allies ,,Thirdly in Pakistan they know they have lost the goodwill  of every segment, but still they will continue with drone attacks while ignoring its reservation in Afghanistan regarding the activities carried out by some outside actors,,,, in this paradigm it has been argued that  this whole drama was made to undermine recent progress in US-RUSSIAN relation,,, anyway for the time being both parties have locked horn in the war of words,, but as seen in the past a small misperception can overpower a whole fleet of CBM carried out in the recent past.


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