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Our Teeth Less Loins……

On 20th june the Presdient delivered a raging speech at Larkna to mark BB’s Birthday anniversary, like seen in the past,the followed his tradional style of coming into open confrontation and challenging his adverseries , while at he same time emphasizing that his underlying message is of “ RECONCILLIATION” from the top office it seems un imaginable when grass root politics gets discussed. It took Mushraf  7 years to reach that point of “ no return” where I found mr Zardari that night. The impression and misperception of  being “invincible” has doomed not only the people but the system too,, at the centre of his speech we found him at odd with Judiciary ,Media and the Political stake holders all the time, his attitude has become somewhat close to the popular tagline attached with him,,” One zardari to handle all” but like always it never happens that way..some hidden hands attached with top office along with his nature have lead to this present confusion.The real threat to the PPP, mr Zardari and the system comes from the growing insecurity , ever increasing terrorism , the long outstanding power crisis, uncontrolable price hike, disappointed youth condemning non existance of merit for jobs and above all the continued leasing of our sovereignity to America , The top office is to foresee macro policy but that has seldom come in the tenure  of mr Zardari,, the ship of present  setup has surely found itself in a “ perfact strom” and its seems that instead of sailing around it mr Zardari has chossen to go right in to it,,,, the aim is pretty clear , if he survives this ongoing confrontation with all the institutions his place will be secured for good,, on the other hand if the ship sinks, he will go down with it to claim the glory of being  unbreakable this is what i have made out of  his win win approach,, the ethnic card remains the prime weapon in the arsenal of present regime, the dressed in Sindhi , taking credit for giving Pashtuns their long lost identity and reminding Punjabis of not forgetting his tenure in the jail was all part of that,,, not so good BB’s own murder investigation still remains a mystery ,and his claim that we wont take revenge from the murderes cannot clam her supporters who await and open and fair  trial,,,, if she had in her life nominated the person  there is no reason to claim that BB’s murder is a closed case,,, on the other hand the return of  Mushraf  also came up in his adress, though giving him the clean chit and guard of honour ,, the president looked aggressive when he said that he wont find a way back in to Pakistan , in reality the top office must have announced that for breaching  the constitution , moving away from national intrest, killing of bugti , disapperance and illegal extradition of people of Aafia we have initiated the proceeding for his return to face the court of law,, but like those before him he will never take steps close to “accountability” on the other hand the speech never touched the main theme requierd for the current scenairo,, 1st no policy regarding the shortage of water faced by us,, the governament has yet failed either to defend its right guarenteed by Indus Water Treaty vis a vis India,, nor they have come with alternate means,,, 2nd with report 400%increase in curruption the top office never mentioned  any policy to counter this,,, on the other hand with US viceroy to AFPAK  Halbrooke dictating this US initiative to block the aggreement and in other work making sure that we remain in darkness for good… any how to sum up its one new day added in to the book of “worst governance” on the behalf of present regime ,, its just about time if the chapter ends or we see the whole book wiped out……….


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