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Usually I don’t pay much attention o the coming reports from the government alleging our media of not doing enough to highlight its good deeds on the other hand I don’t blame the media either because its once in the blue moon that we come across such event,, but out of ordinary and event did happen last week which was highly encourage able but did not gather the required spot light,, for weeks Kyrgyzstan is in turmoil,

the over throw of the former President has left the country in turmoil with the interim Government simply helpless to control the violence ,, once the centre of attention ,cities like Bishkek, Osh and Jalalabad are  covered with smoke rising from the fire of ethnic violence , the violence between Uzbek clan and native Kyrgyz has left more than 120 dead while the observers predict there is more to come. While all this was going on, the government of Pakistan took an exceptional decision by sending emergency flights in Oder to extract Pakistani out of the violence . (a) In all more than 250 Pakistani, mostly students were rescue and brought back to the home land , unfortunately one student was slain before this operation started and with his family we all share the pain of this loss, for this out standing initiative the PM, Minister of Foreign Affairs, NDMA, Pak Army deserve great appreciation.

Its just a drop by the government to fill the river of mistrust that we have, in claiming it as our… Lets pray they also start caring for the those who die of  Hunger, Poverty, Drone attacks ,Terrorism and Injustice everyday too. Ameen,,,,


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