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Not long ago from Hillary till Robert Gates we were hearing only one thing…….get “Quetta Shura” before they get every one. Soon the media on our side was also fighting over this issue, and some pundits went so far that an empty mind like me thought ” may be Mullah Omar has bought Taliban’s official residence in Quetta, and soon a consulate of there government will be based here”….Rubbish. With this thing subsided, now its the turn for a new conspiracy theory, as our Uncle Sam and our Neighbours have no problem in drafting it, and they have the assurity that whatever they will come out will soon become the talk of the town.

       Things are no different when it somes to the new brigade of Taliban, labelled as Punjabi Taliban. Out of no where the centre of attention has shifted from the hills of Waziristan to the plains of Punjab, with a view point emerging as if it has all of a sudden emerged as the “wild wild West” of Pakistan, and if Mr Laden is suppose to start his new terror career from here…..well anything is possible in the American books. Not a single terrorist from Pakistan was aboard the 9/11 planes nor they were trained here, but after biting the dust of Afghanistan for 10 years they have turned all the cannons toward us…..wisdom of a kind never seen before and I am sure that in future an empire will not commit a folly the way they have done.


The stance of Pakistan has been pretty clear from the days of Musharaff, that terror is being transported from Afghanistan into Pakistan by some hidden hands, playing havoc on both sides. As far as the domestic response is concerned, the use of force has been considered as a last resort, whether its Swat or Waziristan. Above all the humiliation from the drones attack is also carried by us, as our civilian die from unarmed hostile drones though we boast of being the nuclear power…..hmm hard to swallow indeed!!!!

         Democracy in Pakistan has rewarded the locals immensely in Pakistan….we have the light in our homes, prices have stayed in every one’s approach and the whole country is simply secure…….I hope you get it but now they have gone a step further in their ongoing struggle to maximize their power. The battle ground has been declared as “punjab”, both PPP and PML-n have shown that they are hardly pushed even if drones are seen above Muridke, but they will do everything to hang on to their corridors of power. Their is no denial that in the past evidence is their that some militant factors have gained outside links in Punjab, and this was demonstrated in events like 3/3 Sri lankan team attack, GHQ episode and the recent event that took place on Qadianis. Also we had Ilyas Kashmiri with his 313 brigade in Waziristan in the past but thats not the point. The thing to ponder here is the way centre and Punjab have locked horns on this issue. The morning broke with Rehman Malik claiming that its the Southern Punjab which is the real base of the terrorism and we all were fools that we have pointed our fingers to the activities in Afghanistan and its spill over into the tribal areas. In the evening its Rana Sanaullah with his guns toward the Governor house and Mr Malik, claiming that “All is Well” and we dont need any dictation from the centre….hmm intelligent isnt it.

            In this fight for political goal scoring they have underestimated the cost involved. We the silent masses are fed up from these pathetic experiments and want an end to this whether its Swat or Waziristan, and they want to open another frontier in Punjab. Just a few months back it was the partition of Punjab that was on the cards and now its another scheme, well played our politicians. The local and federal government has Punjab under its authority, and if the situation has become so grave why not start with  a thorrow search operation, door to door and de weaponize the entire region. But as far as their ambition reflect, the centre is all out to bring forces into Punjab, which will surely be followed by fingers pointed to the region from US and our eastern neighbour in no time. The way they have seen our future, soon Islamabad will be patrolled by APC carriers while drones will monitor our activities from the top………visionary i must say.

             The point is to end this mess, not to shift it to another part. The maturity is certainly lacked by our democratic champions, and its about time that we find out the price of their follies………


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