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This morning the entire world arose to the news which was not only horrible but shame full as well, a peace carrying aid workers from 40 states was not only raided by Israeli troops in internal waters, but in the process 20 were massacred, in simple “inhuman mid evil and state terrorism” are the exact words this action deserves. The shameless sissy Israeli commandos earlier known as invincible are now left with aid workers to show their heroics, because 2006 Lebanon war is fresh in their minds where Hezbollah made snow man out of them, what hurts more is the way whole episode leading to this massacre is remembered in the world, especially the West . For more than four years Gaza or “the biggest human cage” is under Israeli blockade , this comes as pay back to the natives of Gaza for choosing its leadership democratically , in the shape of Hamas, from that time onward Gaza is no more than a collapsed cave, where the natives wait in silence for either Israeli planes from the top or famine on then the ground to take them to the next world, under no context Israel can justify this barbarianism, and there is not any doubt that “Genocide” of the 21st century is happing right in front of us. Hamas has been blamed for firing rocket in to Israel,, that too homemade but can someone explain  how a government respond when its “illegitimate” neighbour draws out its breath slowly and gradually,, secondly up till now these rockets have hardly killed 100 Israeli’s ,, but in its shadow only in  2008  Gaza offensive Israeli killed over 15000 in Gaza,, No doubt it’s “Stain” on civilization and one us left guessing whether Hitler was a visionary who saw this much earlier and the Zionist have made it their faith that they will be the next creators of the “gas chamber” for the whole region. There “big daddy”  American is still there to hold the hand and give more energy to this “mankind grinder” based in the middle east,, world can shout all day on would be nuclear power Iran, but there is no concern about the arsenal maintained by Zionist , who are now undoubtedly the biggest terrorist, the “ black man in the white house” dilemma has served Israeli well, as Obama’s silence will be on the expense of human blood every rolling hour,, why not grant Netanyahu or Tzipi Linvi and the next “Nobel prize” in the category of “most inhuman initiatives” the one gone to Obama last year, UN,OIC or Arab League?? Sitting ducks,,,, In all I will put the maximum blame to those Muslims states who work with or recognize Israel. The “problem child” of the whole region is nothing less than a virus,, infecting everything in its surroundings,, with morality ,ethics, human rights and international law ignored , Israel is on a rampage , which has to stopped soon as possible. The group also included veteran Pakistani journalist Talat Hussein and two local aid workers. Let us pray that from the captivity of this wild beast they return safe and sound, and Israel will remain as an “illegitimate” US child, and people in Pakistan nor its government will ever recognize their seizure of Arab Land, with our Eastern neighbour MOSAD is involved in the unrest in Pakistan via Afghanistan, and for that the government should take a stiff stand against this Zionist-terrorist agenda. Long Live Pakistan, the people of Gaza and May ALLAH unite Muslims all over to expel these devils out of the Holy Land and Juraselum….. AMEEN.


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