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Seldom it happens, and when it does it always painful in nation’s history a time arrives when they ask each other “will we survive” and moving aside from the fiction that what I have started hearing to often,, then comes the question why it has been asked at the first place, and looking upon the whole mess I was shocked at this debate isn’t that much out of context. Our economy is devastated, can it be the reason?  Well not at all, in my 25 years I cannot recall times where it was ideal in any aspect. The leadership? Well in one way or the other they all were the same, always short sighted and self centred. Judiciary vs. the Parliament? Give me a break….so we are left with only 1 culprit, our ongoing battle for survival. You call it “War against Terror”, they call it “Our own Extremist” in short its everything in itself. Still I cannot hold this responsible as the ultimate reason for breaking my faith and belief on this land of pure, so from my side this has more to do with the reluctance of those responsible in taking this up logically. The insurgency, whether inside job or outsider’s imposed, is nothing new in nation’s history. Sri Lankan had Tamil Tigers and just recently they defeated them after 20 years long show down. Britain had IRA, and they ended it on the table of talks, some 15 years back. But here facing this TTP dilemma, it seems that those in power have decided to keep it pending for a better day, which have not arrived for almost 6 years. If this seems tragic let me go a bit further by saying that till date they have not found time even to look honestly in to this matter. Lets started with the stake holders involved in the whole chapter, First is the Waziristan TTP, the main culprit, as far as info goes, they are mostly locals supporting afghan Taliban, sought by US and Pakistan military at the same time, with time they got hijacked by well trained fighters from across the border, and secured huge funding from our Eastern border neighbour. Currently you can term them as the biggest “human resource firm” dealing in terrorism and can provide any outside party the service, too bad. Then comes the “Punjabi Taliban” as US names it , This is a league of former Jihad’s  and sectarian outfits, which have been banned after 2002 the crackdown made them either go underground while some segments of it made its way to TTP . For them the catalyst to raise arms against the state has been the US centric policies and the denial to root out this time bomb has coasted dearly, and there is no remedy in sight , just two days back on the day we turned Nuclear , Lahore was the scene of massacre with 80 lives lost to them. A bitter reality that being nuclear the state’s sovereignty gets crushed by un manned drones while on ground a band of terrorist turns u into “ wild wild west”…..hmmm so how to get out of this , is the question floating everywhere. And for this reason it has to be answered,,,, out of my limited vision I have figured a few things which should have been followed, but I must say its never too late. (a)  For TTP the force and diplomacy must be merged so that it takes us to the right path, like seen in Swat they must be fought in every cage of Waziristan by our forces. The leadership out of their busy schedule and efforts to hide overseas account has to uncover their money and arms trail. The Intelligence agencies will have ample proof, and if nit it’s time to fire them and get a new setup like when we saw in the case of KGB in USSR. (b)For its Punjab wing dialogue, policy change and force is required, the dialogue must be done by the religious scholars to counter the propaganda of some extremists, brain washing them, policy change is linked with leadership , who have to distinguished finally between our interests and US interests , force is again linked with army and police, who have to purse them wherever they are.(c)Justice and the rule of justice is one aspect which can never be sidelined, this thing has nothing to do with personality, but it’s the system and institution . If justice is accessible to everyone and it’s applied to everyone, before carrying gun its doors will be knocked, but when it’s helpless in pursuing Aafia, in tracing Lal Masjid culprit or trying the top office holders , one cannot expect much from it.(d) Democracy is the rule of masses , not a mechanism where they get ruled by this , transparency and responsibility should be seen in both governance and policy making .. .. to conclude the whole evolution is required , but time is not on our side,, delay for a better day will only bring more bad days,, and it’s time that we start from  today rather than waiting for tomorrow,,,, May ALLAH keep us united and shower blessing to this pure land, Pakistan… Ameen.


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