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Beyond Face book …Islam and the West…

It’s nothing new; they have done it once again. Whether its Rushdie asylum, Danish cartoon or Face book online competition .The West is all out to let go three basic attributes which a civilization must have namely tolerance, morality, and ethical values. Having said this it’s more alarming when one look at the history of this “Devil’s Own” civilization, whose greed, intolerance and bias values have brought more miseries to the world than the entire atrocities committed in the history. On these self proclaimed masters of democracy, guardian of freedom of thought and champion of justice, I can say with confidence that even barbarian like Genghis will bow down and say “My sins were just over projected”…… Once i read in book of politics that transition from authoritarian regime to democracy is most bloody and painful,, the same holds true for a civilization which stands on neither any faith nor values and as there decay becomes evident , their frustration will be seen all around in the evil manner. In the name of secularism when they were born, they killed millions by dividing along Catholic and Protestant lines. Later in the name of Imperialism, again they raped generation, orphaned thousands, destroy millions under slavery and themselves became “Civilized”. When this excuse ended, they were out again with the slogan of popular sovereignty and again they were seen fighting each other in the most shameless manner, civilized aren’t they…… if they argue it’s something from the past and they have polished themselves, the last century stands out as an example o their “BARBARIANISM” . In the name of industrialization or rather correctly pure greed, they made the whole universe a shooting gallery in the wars of 1914 and 39, humans were slaughtered by misleading them and playing with their emotions. Tolerant as they claim themselves to be, one holding onto Marx led communism while other claiming capitalism, they were again seen projecting their civilized side in Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan…. the genetic greed , self centred values and never ending desires has turned the West into a man eating machine, which runs on blood and money rather than moral values, faith or tolerance… in their struggle to become more and more wild , they have themselves made mockery of their religion,,, We never came out with stuff like “DI VINCI CODE” it was their own brain child to contradict the foundations of their belief,, on the side they will be seen again locking horn over homosexual bishops and what’s not… simply disgusting ,, Their justice is clear whatever you look,, from Guantanamo till Gaza they will have masses in cage , denying what they have by birth, human rights … whatever you see they are nothing more than a bunch of non character idiots…having said this what should we do? How should we react… many things come across but we have our past to go to, we have tolerated every race in our domain, respected every belief presented and shown our moral values, ethics and justice to those who have not treated us well, and that’s what we should do… in this league of becoming more barbarian and unethical , let them have the victory flag,,,,, but let it be clear to them that their decay has been marked by themselves , build on greed and exploitation their economic empires are collapsing like dominoes , their military might , the pride of West is tasting dust in Afghanistan and Iraq. They have become so fearful of being overtaken that soon we will come across. The great Wall of Europe while Chinese build it to keep the pollutant out,, we will build it to keep the Western dirt inside those walls, not by violence but rather through our values . As Pakistani we are proud that we registered our protest by blocking you and your forums, just to show that world is much more than what your ideas have portrayed in the Past……


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