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 Last week saw Pakistan once again in the lime light, and that to for all the wrong reason, Faisal Shahzad a Pakistani born US citizen is the centre piece of this entire episode. The guy surely gone crazy,, parked his SUV at time square filled with explosive  which fortunately failed blow… he got traced and was arrested while boarding a flight to Dubai. That’s what we know by the official book, the US media efficient towards certain lobbies as it has always been maintained the same bias reporting trend which has now become its tagline… before they got hold of the name of the suspect news was flashing all around like “ The guy has traveled to Pakistan five months back” his home town  being the hub for Punjabi Taliban’s  bla bla,, TTP ready to take over the region  of Pakistan … I mean decision before the trial is only seen in two states, US and India .. Than comes the second phase, the lady czar or US Secretary of states Hillary Clinton was seen dropping bomb on Pakistan, doing again a wonderful performance of deception to the American public by hinting Pakistan as a state insane, on a rampage and US being the victim as ever…as u say mam… nothing was different towards our side also, as the interior minister was more than ready to take blame, even more ready to term it as an internal menace… how can you be wrong sir!! .. That’s how the story went but the official on both side stood at an arm length from reality instead of revealing it,, the TTP as it is known, was on air claiming the attacks as one of it, warning US of more to come .

Some one never inquired why they were claming a failed attempt because element of surprise and uncertainty is the basic rule of any warfare,, Secondly even Osama bin Laden was never seen claiming 9/11 as his production because its like turning a gun to yourself and then pressing trigger,, because in this case you are asking for hell fire missiles from US drones. Strange!!!  Thirdly TTP can never be linked with three things … Pakistan, its army and its spy agencies because this organization has lit the fire which even India failed to do in 65, 71 and Kargill… Hillary Clinton was warning us over this organization but failed to reveal that for how long Pakistan has sought answers from US regarding the use of Afghanistan as the breeding ground for anti pak elements,, how parties like India ,Iran Israel, Russia and Afghanistan have joined hands for this cause .. And for this reason time square bombing puzzle should be found in US policy and actions. In the last decade rather than the tribal areas of Pakistan, further more the guy was a citizen, you check every Pakistani, walk us naked through the security zone, so while giving him the pass for citizenship CIA and FBI were eating grass????? Well how can US media give so much time to this along with our honorable minister…… Lastly US is divided itself, one segment based on realism knows that Afghanistan has proved a bleeding wound the economy has collapsed along with US invincibility and its time to go home…  while the other segment , made of both idealist and secondly loyalist  to certain outside powers, are willing to drag the war in to Pakistan… knowing well that it will  serve the third party rather than Pakistan or US ,,, so we say to US  public we are with you against terrorism ,, the guy is neither Pakistani nor Muslim when he chooses to kill civilians,, but read between  the lines ,, we are the victim ourselves, this happens every day to us on ground while your drones showers missiles from the top,, its  the same tale… lastly he could have been motivated by the policies of yours with regard to Dr. Aafia and many like her,, its  also terrorism isn’t it????????


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