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Its Pay Back Time……….Taliban’s “Operation FAATH”
Hmm, neither a  joke nor a far cry and what was feared for so long seems to be a reality rather soon than expected, in the case of Afghanistan. Since 9/11 if one recalls how the honour of victory has changed hands in this war hardened country, one will be left with just this simple yet tough answer…..whats next???. It all started as planned for the US and its allies, their planes flying unchallenged over Afghan air space as Taliban fighters watched from ground in anticipation, rather guessing what stored for them. Soon the rocky hills of Tora Bora and other parts of Afghanistan were rattling with the shock waves of mighty “Daisy Cutter”. It seems that American had somehow walked in the park as Taliban, with their SUV’s and Turban were no where to be seen.
            This went on for an year or so with sometime reports of Taliban regrouping or setting up their bases along the border with Pakistan. In 2004 a proud George.W.Bush (God knows what he was proud of) was seen aboard a warship, surrounded by US Marines claiming that the “war is nearly over in both Iraq and Afghanistan”….only to be proved wrong even after 6 years have gone by from that day. For my calculations, the most promising time during US stay in Afghanistan came in the shape of Hamid Karzai (How wrong I was back then). With a conservative look but a progressive profile, it seemed that he was the right person to inspire Afghanis, which they required more than any thing else. His presence at international forums seemed promising, but soon it was clear that Karzai is in possession of two attributes which will prove as the final nail of the coffin for his masters in Washington and his country men in shock……
1)      His inability to make himself accepted by the majority of Afghanis as their leader (especially the Pashtuns)
2)      His reluctance to uproot certain regional powers from Afghanistan, who were operating from his territory to destabilize not only Afghanistan buts its neighbour too.
From 2006 onward, Afghanistan has been sad chapter in US overseas adventure, along with Iraq. During the peak of Afghan campaign when US faced renewed insurgency, a calculated effort was done to push the theatre of war into Pakistan under the context of “AFPAK”, and we saw a fighting force in the shape of TTP unleashed on Pakistan. Still for Afghanistan US dreams failed to take shape. Some minds are of the opinion that instead of Talibs vs the US, there are other parties actively engaged in the Afghan proxy war and now its such a mess that even Talibs and US on the same table cannot solve the issue, and very cautiously I will stop short of naming these parties. Any how this was a flash back but lets move to the new shock wave coming from Pakistan.
      The Taliban, since 9/11 were seen on back foot and guerilla war fare was the only way forward, rather than a strategy devised solely for this campagn. After so long today the Talibs of Afghanistan under the command of their leader, Mullah Omar have announced that from mid May they will be launching an offensive(Yes the Taliban) named AL FAATH against US, its allies and the Afghan army. The offensive, unlike US done in pursuit of Taliban on mountainous passes, will have its centre in the big cities of Afghanistan including Kandahar, Mazar e Sharif and Kabul itself. Moving further the Taliban statement also highlighted areas of concern, like hostage taking and attacks on foreign contractor firms as their prime target. Hmmm. You may call it a rhetoric but there is a deeper meaning to this ultimatum. Just 1 year back it was Obama and his surge, than came US acceptance that they are going into direct talks with Taliban(They mean Good Taliban) and lastly came Karzai who went a step further that he will welcome Mullah Omar like a brother on his return to Kabul. Dramatic but AL FAATH is a clear signal that Talibs have finally started taking over the reign of Afghan affairs, and now its just on Americans and its allies to call for the trip home.
      Its looking much earlier than expected, and like it or not Afghanistan will prove as the grave yard for yet another super power. But unlike Soviets which were nearly in isolation during its campaign in Afghanistan, the US retreat will be a domino effect as the stake holders attached with it are numerous, and the shock wave will not be restricted within Afghan borders.
      With these developments its all about keeping your fingers crossed, because pretty soon the cracks will appear in US led coalation, with UK labour party becoming the newest victim. If two factors, the break of coalation along with looming economic crisis of Europe in regards to Greece comes into play, a lot will change in the blink of the eye. Lets hope all goes well because until now its hard to see this will happen!!!!!



  1. Very well written
    I think this year might prove to be decisive in the Taliban struggle for victory and failure of Obama plan as well.
    Who knows next Presidential elections in U.S being fought on Afghan issue….

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  3. Hah am I actually the only comment to this awesome post!

  4. Super great writing. Honestly.

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