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It was all over the news, the whole episode is quite clear, but whats painful is the fact that certain segment of the media have deprived a patriot of his honour, and all we could see was him being portrayed as a mysterious double agent, on a dubious assignment and above all working for CIA & American intrest……..pathetic!!!(The News, Sunday 2nd May Front page).

          The columnist, a highly respected person did nothing less than spreading salt on an open wound, with Khalid Khawaja yet to be buried. Yes its clear that his present effort was somewhat unofficial, but in no way it was anti Pakistan as labeled by the genius. Moving under there own charter and going beyong the call of duty, the “league of invincible” from Afghan war took it upon themselves to help end this wave of terror, the worst we have witnessed and a nightmare which seems never ending. So what Khalid Khawaja, Col Imam and the other were upto is very important as well as sensitive. Just watch the scenario around us. American and its allies have used their might in Afghanistan, only to arrive on the decision that without Taliban Afghanistan is a far cry. This doesn’t mean they should be installed into power, but rather they should be encouraged or rather appeased so that they come to the table of talk. The campaign has started nearly two years back, and now this effort is in full swing. But what about us? Not a single Pakistani was involved in 9/11, the lot of 19 suicides never had a Pakistani and in Pakistan there was no crisis internally as we see today. Our Western border was secured by a friendly regime, whether other likes it or not…….American love Israel but we don’t, neither any other neighbour of its, and the state terrorism of Israel is well known……the surrounding tribal belt was full of devoted Pashtuns willing to go to the edge for their country and faith…..but our decision changed all…….agreed!!.

With our role after 9/11, Afghan Taliban has somehow become suspicious about us, and they cannot be left in this state. The stability of Afghanistan was somehow linked to us a few year back, but now be logical……our tribal area and subsequently the whole Pakistan depends on the regime in our West, and unfriendly regime will cost us so dearly,, as we have seen in the last few years. On the other hand this band of bandits, TTP has cashed on this, gathering the tribal sympathies and then served the outside agencies which have paid them well during this whole ordeal…..and undoubtedly they have given us the damage which is hard to imagine,, whether you take it in financial terms or humanly cost,, it’s the same in every aspect. Anyhow getting back to the point our forces have played there part, the meaning of bravery was rewritten on the peaks of Peuchar and Swat, and even the acclamation was heard from as far as Pentagon, whose Daisy Cutter have gone wasted as they are still limited to Kabul alone. But this war as we have argued so may times has its roots else where, precisely in Afghanistan and so the end is impossible until matters are sorted out there.

          Khalid Khawaja was no traitor, he was on this mission to win back the support of the real Talibs across the border, point out or rather take out the black sheep’s within and once and for all end this ordeal from this land. Their hijacking and than the killing of Khawaja clearly shows who was behind it. His petition in the Lahore Court has blocked the hand over of top Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders to the Americans, he has fought all out against the kidnapping and disappearance of Pakistani citizens by the agencies,, commonly referred as the “missing person case”. His loss is a major blow in this effort. The Asian Tigers, rather the “Face Hidden Jackals”, executed him on the context that he played the major role in the Lal Masjis crisis, and he is currently on a CIA assignment…….what a mockery. The funeral prayers were lead by Maulana Aziz, clearly showing he was clear of that charge, and the CIA affair I have done my best to explain earlier!!!!

          My prayers are with the family of Khalid Khawaja, and May Allah bless his soul. Col Imam is still there along with a journalist, and I hope and pray that they not only return safely but also accomplish the task left by Mr Khawaja…….


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