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From Divine right of the “KINGS” to the days of popular will,, how far have we traveled but it seems that some where down the road we are still unchanged, or may be a wandering mind like me sees it that way … Just look around and all you can gather is resentment!! Inside we have masses playing havoc on the streets against load shedding, price hike, injustice, provincial autonomy and what else not… Outside in Kyrgyzstan you will find the crowd claming revolution on the ouster of the same leaders whom they brought to power nearly in the same fashion some years back, towards Thailand again the same story but only the masses have transformed themselves into “RED SHIRTS”.
Now don’t confuse yourself with the third world excuse in all this.. In US they will be seen for job cut, anti war campaigns, homosexuality bills etc,, Outside Downing Street they will be found calling for an exit from Afghanistan and when you will go to Afghanistan you will again find them marching, this time against civilian killing or rising corruption.
In Zimbabwe in the shape of Mugabe you will see the masses starving while the 1st Lady has made it to the list of most expensive wardrobe shoppers, moving further we have Sudan where Al Bashir has an ICC warrant hanging over his head but still you will see him saying “Darfur is fine. why the West is exploiting the case”
In our land, the merit of governance has been filtered to the extent that for them if they survive 5 years , they are successful. Through out you will hear them saying that certain powers want us to be axed,, while at the same time they are all out to shield crooks like Latif Khosa and Jamshed Dasti…
So this leaves me with two options for my conclusion,,, The first is close to what great strategist MACHAVELLI said in THE PRINCE “The most challenging task is to satisfy those whose favor gave you the slot, because you can never satisfy there expectation”. Simply that masses can never be satisfied …Towards the second aspect its more to do with human nature. The classic rule of power applies perfectly which simply is “acquiere it, sustain it and demonstrate it” … Here you go!! Some how the two things have found themselves at cross road,, and this leaves us with just prayers that either masses move out of their classic role or some how the executives start learning how to bend when they are responsible as well as accountable to masses.


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