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Some very intresting as well as suspicious developments have taken place in the past few weeks, and some how out of the blue both Iran and Pakistan have found themselves in the middle of all this fiasco. I will start with the James Bond style operation that ended up in the capture of Iran number 1 enemy…….Abdul Malik Riggi. Being the head of Jandollah, a Sunni seperatist group blamed by Iranians for the unrest in its border region, his arrest was no less than a triumph for Iranian spy agency.

In case you missed out the real time scenes, according to the details Iranians intercepted a charter flight over its territory and forcefully landed the plane in Iran. When the doors were opened in the presence of Iranian commandoes and cameras……..Mr Riggi was caught half asleep and amazed, probably still living the misperception that it was a bad dream. Later in the week, he was seen on Iranian TV confessing that he was all out supported by US in his activities while at the time of his capture he was enroute to Kyrgystan probabley for a meeting with Mr Halbrooke……….hmmmmm.

Lets not end it here. Some months back Iranian diplomat was kidnappepd from Peshawar. From time to time Iranians officially demanded from Islamabad to take action against the kidnappers and secure his release but it seems that our agencies like in many other events seemed helpless even in their own domain. On this note the Iranians a few days carried what they call an independent search and rescue operation and as the story goes…….the diplomat was released sucessfully. Ofcourse when you have a situation like this the natural reaction which comes from Pakistan’s foreign office is understood….”No Comments”. This situation has kept us guessiing whether this so called operation was carried inside Pakistan or some where in Afghanistan( though the Iranian reaction clearly demonstrated that they have pulled out this triumph from within our premises). Well if this is the case why should our integrity suddenly spark??? havent we seen predators flying inside our land and targetting our territory and citizens at their will.Let it be another case…….

Anyhow the release of this offiicial is a welcome news keeping aside how it happened. On the other hand the question should be asked why were our ageencies so helpless in carrying out this task? even if the release was secured in Afghanistan how did the culprits managed to smuggle a target like this outside Pakistan? The sovereignity is one attribute which we in Pakistan have totally deleted from our dictionary. The policy being carried out by our executives is simply out of normal wisdom. Since 9/11 whether its the dictator in the shape of Musharaff or a democratic setup like today……its is only they who know for whose gain, for whose future or for whose relief they are working. Atleast I am sure that it isnt for the land we call “Pakistan”……May Allah bless us all!!!!


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