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Undoubtedly the Red Shirt, one of the strongest progressive bonding in Thailand created history yesterday by reminding their so called democratic executives their task in a unique way….. they assembled themselves outside the PM house, ,nearly 30,000 in number and flooded the gates of the building with blood… just to remind them that when people’s representative become arrogant, ignorant and un accountable… they are no different than the fictional “Lord Dracula” of Romania !!!

Back in his era he was only sucking the blood out of his adverseries vein, but when people’s representative assume this role their massacre also involve future of masses, their expectations and their well being!!!

The Thai protest was unique as the blood never came from animal slaughter, but it waz extracted from the members of the Red Shirts, signifying that unpopular policies drains human blood and not only the verbal wrath!!!

Lets get back to our own land where every day our hopes are shattered as if they are nothing more than unwanted pieces of glass…. where our degree is nothing unless a note of recomendation written by some high up, where you can die on your way to hospital as the honourable VVIP has to pass unhindered, where no one will question where the sugar disappeared but all the PM can enforce is that we should use one rather than two tea spoons of it, where the executives of a nuclear state cannot question the voilation of predators inside there territory but are bent on begging for this obselete technology….. an entire thesis can be written on the miseries faced by a common Pakistani but why should one raise his voice on this democratic murder??? Haven’t we heard them saying that let us complete our 5 year term unquestioned???….. where the merit of governance becomes this…. what can a common man expect!!!


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