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So sad and above it alarming, it seems that the wave of terror after subsiding has made a comeback,and like in the past its deadly as well as tragic.

The attack on the office of World Vision near Mansehra is highly condemnable,,where according to reports a gang of terrorists (around 15) stormed into the office,making the entire staff hostage. This was followed by a gun fight with the police but as a result 5 employees of WV including two women lost their life. Once again in a very short span the terrorists have shown that they are not only present,but with ease they can unleash the wave of terror.

Any one of you who can recall the tragic month of October,2005 knows well that these very NGO’S,their foreign and local staff and above all the brave volunteers almost achieved a miracle by rescuing the earth quake victims in every part of Pakistan. Events like these really leave behind a horrifying impact. From that time much of the rehabilitation work has been done by these people,but the enemies and there misguided forces have gone on rampage especially against this segment.

For a preview the place where this incident took place is no Waziristan,,but rather its adjacent to Mansehra where a few weeks back all our leadership was holding rallies to secure NA-21 seat. To end,a salute to the social workers and community uplift volunteers who are defying all odds by working in these condition,and i can stand witness to this as i myself do the same.

In the end we have no doubts on the courage of our troops fighting these enemies of the state, but as i say its time for our leadership to show at least once that they care for us,rule by our strength and are with Pakistan’s intrests,,which is something we have yet to see.


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