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Walking past those streets where a few months back terror reigned in the shape of so called “Taliban”, one is surprised to see how the life is returning at an amazing pace. Children filled with hope, elders praying for a better tomorrow and so in this way life is moving toward what we term as “normal/survivable”.
But back in the mind a sense of desperation is also taking place. Being a student of history and International Relations, we are accustomed to follow the past trends in order to justify the coming future. Unfortunately these calculations in this case have given me an answer that I never want to see “practically true”. Somehow we have “bad omens” in our dictionaries that we totally sideline, terms or situations which have become somehow “Tabboo”, never to be discussed again. Something like the “Friday that comes on a 13th”, the return or the slightest possibility of Taliban making a return has become such a topic in our corridors of power. I was involved in a conversation with a native a few nights back, who has witnessed this episode first hand and unlike others posses a deep insight into these affairs.
When I raised my apprehension on this matter, his reply somehow sent waves of terror through my nerves. In simple he said what I quote “ With the top guns hiding up there and there money trail(financial backing) still active….dont be surprised if they return this time around with tanks even!!”. His and mine prediction are not based on mere theories, but in reality this is what that practically happened just across the border. Every year a term “spring offensive” was coined by the allied forces when out of no where, the Taliban use to make a come back and set again every thing in motion.
Ofcourse the melting of snow and natural refuge ”green and deep jungles” gave them what they lack all along the winters. So by not keeping “our eyes and ear shut”, it is high time that this threat should be taken seriously. I say this because on the land scape of politics this priority is no where insight, all we can see is judiciary locking its horn with the executive, which in return has moved into a specific crowd to cry about the misdeeds done with him, the opposition waiting for nothing more than a mid term so that they can flex their muscles, an army which has fought like lions all along the way but definitely overstretched and above all an “axis of devil” of outside forces waiting for another chance to come for the kill.
Like always, my blame rests on the establishment which is yet to come out with a convincing report regarding “who/ why/ how” supported these forces, externally and internally and as it hasn’t been out officially, I will not jump to my decision regarding who was behind it. May be it is time to take a second look on this matter for those sitting for this task.


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