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Well I believe that unfairly in the past week, the news centre stage was captured by Obama receiving Noble Prize solely(though there are still masses like me who are wondering where is the nobility in his reign until now?). In my view this event somehow sidelined the “medal of recognition” unofficially awarded by Obama to Taliban and Al Qaeda after his decision to send in some 35,000 more troops to Afghanistan in view of his newly found “Afghan Solution”. With the “change” in mind and a time span of over an year, one is left amazed by the outcome of his move. I have no doubt that the “War President” Bush would have opted a path no different from the one chosen by the gentlemen in question. For the oldest democracy it seems to me that very tactfully they have been entertained by a smoke screen of “Black man in the White House”.

Sitting 10,000 miles away I feel it uncomfortable to ask questions which infact masses in US would have asked there executives. Till now we have heard that US and its allies have failed due to the incompetence of the Afghan government, lead by Hamid Karzai. Its corrupt practices, a lack of authority and will to tackle war lords and foreign inclination have contributed the most to the perception that these allies were “invaders rather than liberators”. The best example of this notion is the recently held polls for presidency. First it was a fraud of highest level and later a stain on democracy when a single man show ensured Karzai a second term( I wonder why Mugabe was so opposed in Zimbabwe if this is the merit). All independent observers have given a red signal to Afghan democratic process and it is fully evident that the unpopular leadership is the real hurdle in allies success in Afghanistan. Having said this, the most “noble person of the year” has given his verdict by sending in more troops, as if US marines have changed there occupation from fighting to good governance. To the enemies of Allied presence in Afghanistan there cannot be a better excuse than this while they look for new recruitments for the upcoming surge. Don’t you call it a reward? Atleast I have been greatly impressed by this wisdom.

The surge did play its part in Iraq for many reasons which are totally inverse from the case study in Afghanistan. There Shiite Militia and its supporters went underground not because of troops arrival but more because a majority representative government came into power,, silencing there grievances. While in Afghanistan we have a Pakhtun at the top,, but else the whole story is of “neglection”. The additional troops will do little to turn the tide for US in Afghanistan, but for sure a change will again be seen in mainland America. The celebrations are on as it is believed that US and its Western counterparts have survived the recession,, but many still calculate that the “eye of the storm” has yet to strike. In simple words both Afghanistan and Iraq will prove as a “bleeding wound” for the Americans. Fortunately or unfortunately even if this thing come into play,, many theorist will have to revisit there work on democracy. With Soviet defeat and collapse above all other reasons it was debated that there was no voice to question the policy makers as it was communist and single party system,, this isn’t the case in America.

They have the right, resources, platform but still they have opted to remain “deaf and dumb”. At the award ceremony in Geneva(I believe this was the place) I was given a laughter by Obama’s “Just War Theory”. He sounded more like Genghis while he exclaimed “I fight wars to guarantee peace for my people”. May be one day I will write more on US “Just War in Afghanistan” and I believe that only naming it have send clues toward me. I mean ofcourse it is a just war that you ruin 2 generation first in “proxy wars of your own” and later invade with a simple objective “ we are here to stay no matter what happens”. I mean this is how you fight just wars where you have “humans” in a state which wasn’t seen after the “holocaust” i.e Guantanao and Bagram without them given a fair trial. Leave the trial aside, it hasn’t been decided that the whether 9/11 was an inside job. Except Osama’s own acceptance that he was behind it what other proof do we have( and that too when many believe Osama’s role as no other than the famous Lawrence of Arabia). Away from Afghanistan it is also a just war because US lied to the whole world about Iraq’s WMD,, but don’t blame CIA as I read somewhere that they mistakenly took some camel skeletons in the desert as “new age scuds”……..human error. Again, why are you silent out there? Why don’t you ask those whom you pay for these adventures?,,

else only one sentence to sum it all “time and tide wait for none”


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