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With the yesterday episode of a well planned attack on a mosque in Rawalpindi which left scores of worshipper dead………it seems that the last frontier of insanity have been crossed by the terror troops. One cannot grasp the reason why a mosque has to be the target,, although its not the first time.
The loss of life in this carnage is immense, and ofcourse it has left the atmosphere of “twin city” in disarray. For long we have been hearing that the terrorist are on the run and these are the acts in desperation… they put it. But in the back of my mind I am left with a disturbing question………GHQ, Lahore, Peshawar…………..are we underestimating the magnitude of these terror forces…………..have they really been pushed to the wall or they have intentionally vanished behind a “smoke screen”……..
To this note how can we forget that the top terrorist of them all…………claimed to be dead or severely paralyzed managed to make his presence felt by slipping into Afghanistan and later verified it by a phone call…………The relaxation is eident on behalf of our agencies as it seems they have written of TTP as a “blast from the past”. Yesterday’s attack inside the cantonment shows a security lapse……although in Pakistan this is one mistake which no one will accept.
I am haunted by the image of President Bush aboard a US warship in 2004 proudly claiming that we have ended the “main theatre of war in Afghanistan and Iraq”………while even in 2009 troops are rolling to these areas to counter the threat. Like always I would like to say that the efforts of our brave martyrs should not be wasted with loopholes like we saw yesterday……..the threat is still there with its whole magnitude and it is time to reassess the situation before it gets out of hand. A strong “international diplomacy” is required to wrap up this mess as the real hub is not Swat or Waziristan…….but the “terror funding paradise” across the border to the West!!


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