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As if the passenger van for “alqaeda/osama phobia” was somehow vacant these days,, British PM Gordon Brown has decided to fill it up. Out of no where he saw a dream at his 10 Downing street residence where he was guided by a reliable source that Osama Bin Laden is in Pakistan………….Indeed this is 1 piece of info for which like Obama he deserves a Noble Prize……….for US President the category was “unseen moral values of change” while for Mr Brown it can be nothing more than “ a visionary without any wisdom”………..awesome achievement.

            This comes simultaneously with a report published earlier that in 2001 at Tora Bora……….US and its allies intentionally or somehow unintentionally gave up an effort which would have caught Bin Laden,, while he was trap there. Ofcourse one can say that both CIA and MI6 have made a ground breaking discovery by locating his footsteps after 8 years…………that’s what you call a top spot intelligence agency……….rubbish.

            Mr Brown why don’t you let the people of Britain know about the inquiery report into the Iraq war your government undertook,, and whose disclosure became such an issue that its content were decided to be kept “confidential”. Atleast unlike your dream visions that report will be based on facts and figures. Just stop fooling your people with allegations like these. You are no different from Tony”liar” Blair who like an efficient Poo**e towed the line from across the Atlantic.

            The real catalyst/ precursor/ trainee or supporter of all this mess is US and UK itself. For 8 years they have been sitting ducks in Afghanistan waiting paving way for the whole region to collapse. On there hands stains of bloods are dripping,, of millions of Iraqis and Afghanis that there conquest have swallowed. It is to be seen till how long the masses out there will be given the “doses” of this Al Qaeda/ Osama vaccine to keep them mum. Atleast some one has to stand up from the so called “ torch bearers of humanity” to ask there policy makers for accountability,, or else like Mongols you will be remembered as nothing more than a civilization on rampage……………..


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