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Not long ago the news has started floating that the barbaric TTP Swat commander Fazalullah has informed international media that he is safe and sound inside……Afghanistan. To add more spice it has been confirmed by a reputed international media organization that the number used by Fazalullah has been traced back to Afghanistan. Till now the biggest achievement we got in this drive against terror was the conquest of Swat and its adjoining areas,, where lately Fazalullah and his mislead forces had gone on a rampage.

 This is a great set back for those who have clamed victory until now. All we use to hear was that he was under siege, in a bad shape and his arrest was around the corner. But it seems that with the aid of a smoke screen he has managed to escape. In any case his network has been greatly destroyed, his aides either dead or captured. Impressive performance isn’t it?? But this should not deviate us from the point I want to raise here. To my surprise the US embassy strongly contradicted reports that a US army helicopter has flown from Bagram to collect a special cargo from inside Waziristan, just on the eve of “RAH e NIJAT”. This cargo was none other than TTP Leader Hakimullah Mehsud. The allegation is nothing new,, it follows a charge sheet presented by Pakistani army to General Mullen where our forces had protested the relocation of allied check posts just before the operation started. This relocation,, as proved with time was none other than to give these mercenary forces a clear gateway to flee the offensive,, in order to be back for destruction in the next few months.

Join every thing together and one is left guessing either of the 2 things………. 1) For 8 years you Americans have dragged us into this? 2) How more will we appease them in order to set our neck free? Till now I have always opposed one school of thought which remained undecided whether this is our war or not? But today I feel may be I have become a part of a different school which thinks whom we have pleased since 9/11?? The day our military ended the barbaric hold of Swat from Fazalullah’s men, I had one thing at the back of my mind. We have fought against a force which is funded from outside(no specified name I will mention),, launched on a specific agenda to destabilize us and after Swat there line of strength has been broken,, agreed.

 Now having said this not me but the entire like minded were urging the government to release the evidence, foreign links bla bla that have been retrieved from the TTP of Swat. In other word as I mentioned in my last work “ A Costly Miscalculation In War Against Terror”,, the final frontier in this war will be the diplomatic disclosure of these assets, including its full access to Pakistani media. But ofcourse like always a government driven by moral justification rather than national interests,, they found it better to hide them under their seats and this is the trap where we find us today. I still remember the words of a martyr’s father who said on camera” Let them send there own sons out there to realize what it feels”……………

I write this last paragraph just to make it evident that the spirits of our forces and there dedication has been tested,, and ALHAMDULILAH they have surpassed the most well equipped force in this guerilla showdown( Allied forces in Afghanistan)…… The war as we believe is funded from bases in Afghanistan so how can you end it while conquering Waziristan? Again the enemy has struck in the cover of friendship. For them we are equal to what they revealed in the Kerry Lugar Bill. Why to let our generations suffer for a foreign agenda……………in no way I want a message to be conveyed that we have fought a wrong enemy,, our struggle was right while we fought the militants but to achieve the final push we have to differentiate between a friend and a foe……….those who are bent on sending a “complimentary note” to the US for Kerry Lugar or those who have willingly allowed them to carry arms in Islamabad are out to doom us all. The Americans have dragged the whole war into our land just to save there tail. It is time to let them understand that may be its not only our future but their too which depends on this war. This double agent role needs to be exposed. Atleast don’t let us be fooled by our own people. We have the right to know who we have to fight for. Else we are digging our own grave by keeping the facts close to our chest!


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