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Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan 3

Well it seems that the government has added a feather into its empty basket of constructive acts – firstly by coming up with a package for Gilgit Baltistan along with the renaming of the area(although this has invited the wrath of Kashmiri leadership for not taking them into confidence) and 2ndly by holding the elections without any severe law and order situation(as this is the biggest priority in the prevailing time). I have stopped short of giving them the full credit of introducing true democracy in the hilly mountains because of the fact that even before the voting ended, eye brows have been raised regarding the transparency and fair conduct of the election.

Whether its pre poll or post poll, there have been severe allegation leveled against the PPP lead setup mainly by the opposition(PML-Q) and its own allies(MQM). Till the time I have written this stuff, it is clear that PPP has conquered the mountains of Gilgit Baltistan(well it remains to be judged whether by hook or crook).

There shouldn’t be any surprise in this regard. Don’t mix up the situation in mainland(I mean the center) with the results of GB. I say this because of two reasons

1) PPP has won the hearts by the initiative it has taken in this regard and they naturally had the edge

2) Being deprived for so long, one cannot expect the GB natives to produce an upset as it will definitely hit them hard in terms of the package they are expecting.

No need to go into the story of why PM Gilani (A unanimously elected PM as he claims) went on to address the gathering at such a crucial stage and in his granted power promised so much that it was considered a rigging. For the GB natives we wish u well for the dawn of democracy in your area and we sincerely hope that unlike us, you feel proud of it.


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