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Rumours are there and it is my noble pray that it should stay as a rumour that in his forth coming meeting with President Zardari,,PML-N Chief Mr Nawaz is going for a political suicide by compromising NRO for the 17th Amendment. Well in politics(undoubtedly the dirtiest game) this maneuver might be a far sighted policy, but in the scale of morality and justice this will be a betrayal to the 180million people of Pakistan.

            In past we have also witnessed follies like these from Mr Sharif and one must hope that he has already learnt his lesson. I mean this can be translated in another words as

“you cannot do a right at the expense of a wrong………….and still claim pride for it”


Any how,, lastly like many times I have mentioned,, we are still stuck in the question that why terrorist are still making headways(like attacks on FIA, GHQ, IIU)…….and why there is a vacuum when it comes to decision making?  What stated earlier clearly explains their priorites……for them it doesn’t matter if our brothers and sisters die in a university or street,, they have other things to take care of.. With all this,, may be like always its time to pray from the Almighty to save us all!


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