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smsA nation at war doesn’t mean that its only the soldiers who are out there dodging the bullets remain solely responsible for it and on the other hand its their families who should be in a state of repeated prayers for their safe return. It is a testing time for the nations where they have to show character and will. In past few days a bombardment of unknown messages(sms) has been witnessed, spreading hoax news. Sometime regarding a highly secret tip off regarding the new potential bomb blast about to occur in the coming 24 hours while on other instance its about some new terrorist that have slipped into our cities. Terrorism by definition is simply to promote one’s agenda by inducing fear into the natives, making them change the way they think or act and unfortunately by these action we are somehow harboring this ourselves. Just got a infuriated text stating that the casualities in yesterday’s attack on the IIU were more than 5 times than those stated by the media, and further that this bias act should be condemned. For God sake, the messages have become potentially free in regards to their tariffs but atleast one can take some time out before forwarding it to all the contacts. A contribution is required from everyone in their respective capacity. Safety comes first but atleast be assured that if there is something like this around, it will reach the masses through proper channel……….. May Allah bless us all, our brave brothers fighting on the front line and this land of pure…………Ameen


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