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The best comedy shows in recent history have undoubtedly presented by our politicians and there visionary acts. This is one entertaining lot which never stops short of giving you the ultimate thrill, and I must say they have become an expert with time.

            On one hand we have seen past two weeks as simply the “bloodiest” in this war against TTP and its fellow groups. The attacks shook every corner of Pakistan and made it more evident that “it hasn’t ended yet”. Swat is a success story but its Waziristan which has emerged as the mother of all evils. As I write this, our troops have moved into the valley some time earlier to go for the final showdown. The whole nation is backing them along with the media, but one is left guessing where our political folks have been kept busy?

            Ofcourse they didn’t find a better opportunity to play their cards, whether in the form of Kerry Lugar bill or the NRO. It is simply disgusting to see how they still try to act as magicians, bringing a smoke screen in order to hide what they are upto in reality. Its not about PPP or PML-N, but it’s the political culture of Pakistan which has not matured with time. Just imagine what we have at stake at this crucial time. On one hand we are fighting a war which has sent us back to the stone age, where people never knew where they are heading or more precisely in a situation where you don’t have an idea whose on your side. There is no question of a failure against TTP as it will reunite them and for which we have sacrificed so much.

            K-L is not simply a legislature, but infact it will show how Pakistanis would like the world to see them. We have two choices in real politics; either you are sovereign or a satellite. The third frontier is the NRO, which will decide whether we have learned from our past or like a coward we have preferred to close our eyes and ears. Those who forget the past have no future to dream for. Both these entities, NRO and K-L are infact governing documents for the 180million masses, or in simple terms they have every thing to do with us.

            Today, it’s a shame to hear that no political party is talking about Pakistan or the masses in regards to these two accords, but all we hear is the “number game”. The government it seems will add a feather into there cap if they let both these accords pass from the parliament, but only time will tell that this will be imprinted as a “stain” which no time or tide will able to remove. As mentioned earlier it’s the future of 180 million Pakistanis which hangs with the Kerry-Lugar, while NRO holds the past where we have been deprieved, neglected and abused. So if it is a democracy as you claim every day, bring both these accords/agreements to the “court of masses”. REFRENDUM is the only answer, where every Pakistani will decide the fate of his future and will do justice to his past. This is still a decent option and one which has a logic, or else tomorrow the gulf between the executive and the masses will be so wide that it will be crystal clear that our fate was and will be decided in Washington, so instead of PML-N or PPP keep an eye on the manifesto of Republican or Democrats?



  1. The problems in pakistan are stockpiled insteasd of moving towards resolution ,NRO, KERRY LUGAR BILL,TERRORISM, BLASTS, INFLATION, CORRUPTION .PAKISTAN has become the heart of all these problems why the foreigners are always found there in pakistan because of the elastic laws and poliferated border, non serious political parties and shaky agendas.steps should be taken by the government to disslove the issues with great commitment.

  2. @sumaira
    what if the government is the real cause? they have disappointed 180 million by their policies,, after all the sacrifices were given to bring democracy back into this land………..

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