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It seems that like in the past, the race is on all over Pakistan to declare their own moon sighting for the Eid and once again enter the Guiness Book as a country which celebrates 3 Eids.

            A simple layman like me when it comes to religion, one is left guessing the fact that we hardly let any chance pass by to prove that within this geographical space called Pakistan, we are different from each other. A simple aspect of human wisdom, called common sense makes me believe that its logical that the moon should be sighted on the territory where you reside, but I must say that the best religious logic can be provided by some one like Momina who are much familiar with the fact, so I will stop short of any final judgement.

            Anyhow, keeping in mind what we all went through during and before Rah e Rast, it would have been a message of unity if this matter was sorted out in the best way possible, rather than a confusion which we have found ourselves in. The state has the authority and this thing also comes in the writ of the state. Like Sugar and flour, now we have moon dilemma also in the surroundings. If the moon sighting in some parts will be line with Saudia, is any other area available where we have followed them? I believe its our own identity that is so dear to us and it should be where we should be proud of.

            Still as the topic was religion, my words are open to any amendment as I have already said.


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