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putin_obamaCleverly choosing his words, and above all being one of the best orator of the current times, US President Obama announced that US has given up the road map for the missile defence shield in Eastern Europe(Poland, Czech) and will replace it with smarter and newer arsenal, in order to serve the same purpose.
Evidently one finds no objection with this stance, as Obama has made it a habbit to undo most of the steps US under Bush was taking(except Iraq and Afghanistan) but deep within this story is not as simple as it seems. This missile defence shield was part of the great game we have heard and read for so long. On energy front it involves an inroad to the Central Asian states and Middle East while on strategic front, US and its allies(NATO) had a master plan of encircling Russia from all sides, in order to check the growing desires of Kremlin under Russia.
The expansion of NATO, inclusion of controversial states like Georgia, Poland, Czech e.t.c was all aimed to put Russia on the back foot. Just an year back the screens were flashing with the news that the new “cold war” has begun when Russian leadership openly declared that in response to this, they will aim there missiles toward Europe(in short making it a shooting gallery).
In real politics in the name of reconciliation no power goes to the extent that it starts doing appeasement, but in this case US has somehow committed this mistake. The design and the whole episode had many mysteries and loopholes but in the end it was a principal stand that the US was following, which is that the world is a free place and no one can declare its sphere of influence. It was repeated time and time again that the US wanted to secure its allies and its homeland from the emerging threat of Iran and North Korean missile programme, but for Russia it was none other than a new stage of NATO expansion and a shield originally aimed to check Russia. Russians in its response invaded Georgia and created the states of Abkhaziya and South Ossetia, made inroads into US backyard namely Venezuela(thanks to Hugo Chavez), where they regularly conducted military excercises and lately Russian strategic bombers were based there. So from this prospective US was on a back foot and it was required that it will talk on equal magnitude, but for all realist out there it was a mistake to think on these lines.
The US has quietly signaled that it is now an aging horse which will sooner or later declare retirement from the title of “world policeman”. It has been stuck in its own great game for the last 8 years, with both Iraq and Afghanistan proving a bleeding wound, and Pakistan already gone out of control. Moreover its an economy which is on a free fall(the recovery which is predicted to have started is yet to be seen) that has made the mighty state to bend before the will of Putin.
With this it has been made clear that Russia still holds the thread of Eastern Europe. Its not the Balkan of late 1990’s where NATO will bomb Belgrade and Russia will only protest(same in the case of Bosnia and Kosovo). It is now a new Russia, from the democratic Russia of 1990’s. Putinism is no different from Stalinism and the petro dollars have given a new life to Russian desires. It wont be long when Russia with China(under SCO) will call the shots that currently were happening in Washington, London and Tel Aviv.


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