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brig imtiaz

In simple terms what can be termed as an outstanding piece of investigative journalism, Shaheen Sehbai has sent the ghost of Brigadier Imtiaz moral revelations and the entire conspiracy attached with him to the grave. In The News today, his article “The return of Daylight Jackal” has bisected the entire episode which has haunted the entire political stability and the future of democracy in Pakistan.

            As from the start no one was ready to believe how this ex spy chief dignity has awoke after 17 years and he has ascended himself to the throne of a “moral and transparent spy”. In very clear terms Mr Sehbai has busted the entire drama, how and for whom it was hatched and to some extent the true players targeted. According to the report it was all coordinated in August between a close aide of Presidency who is also serving as Chairman NADRA and Brig Imtiaz. The timing was definitely chosen to divert the tension from Minus 1 and Musharaff trial. But a new addition has also been made in this report, which is the strain relationship between the army and  the top executives.

            In past it was due to the interference of army and its agencies in the affairs of the state, but this time around it is more because of there positive role. The use of ex spy chief and his colleague is in some what directed to create a divide in the agencies, as the executives are feeling helpless without using this “dark hand” for there personnel goal.

            Anyhow, hats off to Mr Sehbai for this report and Good Bye Mr Imtiaz, atleast you cannot complain that you were not awarded a loin share by the media this time around.


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