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It seems that the biggest democracy has its own way of treating prisioners, especially from the neighbouring country. I am referring to Jamil Khan, whose coffin was handed over to Pakistani authorities by the Indians. As always they all die there of natural causes, as our neighbour claim. The unfortunate soul, hailing from Balouchistan was on a trip to Sindh when he somehow crossed the forbidden line, 18 years back. With no real charge sheet he was sentenced to 5 year in prision, but after 18 years instead of shame on still holding him illegally, his tortured body was sent back to his relatives.

            This is not the first time that an episode like this has taken place, rather it has become a custom that any captured Pakistani will seldom make it back in full shape. Numerous reports are there where the bodies have been found with drilling and burn marks all over them.

            May be the champions of human right, secularism and democracy can shed some light on this treatment, which is a clear demonstration of extremism in there ranks. Our heart go out with the family, but one feels that atleast this ended his ordeal by the hands of Indians.

            May be Mr Ansar Burni gets some thing out of his news. Until now he has earned laughters for campaigning to release proved spies, why not earn some respect by highlighting the sad and brutal stories of people like Jamil Khan?


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