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Anyone out there with a view point that the naughty 90’s of politics will never return to Pakistan has been proven wrong, especially in the past few weeks. From no where it seems that the political demography of Pakistan has entered a bottle neck, which is hard to avoid in any case. You can blame it on Musharaff’s trial or 17th Amendment, whatever we say its simple, power is corrupt and it has its own way around.

            The situation has reached a point where on one side the friendly opposition(PML-N) has called the shots for a mid term election and an ultimatum of 48 hours(of which half has passed as I write this) while the power pole (PPP) has come all out to say we will see what you can do. With mercury rising phenomenally, may be this time around there will be no remedy. I use this in affirmation  of Newtons law of an external force interference to change the state of affairs within, as until now one hasn’t seen Halbrooke or Milliband rallying to Pakistan in order to cool the temperature.


Where ever it will lead is a mystery, but one thing is clear that this time around the whole confrontation is maneuvered in the classical cold war style. It was hard for me to recall the chain of events that have lead to this down turn. Anyhow I did my best to collect some pieces of the puzzle. From my side the first sign came when  the establishment out of no where reaffirmed that no MINUS 1 will be accepted. Even this revelation surprised me as it was hard to understand who initiated this formula anyway and when exactly?

            In the second stage we saw an irrelevant figure breaking into the lime light as if he has been assigned a holy mission. The guy is none other than the blue eye celebrity of media these days, Brigadier Imtiaz. His revelations and the jubilation of MQM is hard to understand, as neither the person is an institution nor his revelation after 17 years made any sense. To add fuel to the fire PML-N house leader Ch Nisar declared an open war on MQM and the result is quite evident infront of us. I used the word cold war because this time around an indirect mean has been used to initiate a confrontation, though now this phase has been surpasses and both parties are dagger drawn. But the question remain whom will it benefit? I unfortunately don’t have the beneficiary list with me but one thing is guaranteed that it will be the democracy and its institution which will suffer the most.

            Until now in some way or the other this stage have been avoided, mostly by the balancing act of our PM Gillani but not this time. It seems that he has been sidelined or he has chosen that status himself. The question remains where will this lead to. The demand of Musharaff trial is purely valid and this cannot be ignored that right now we have sugar or energy crisis. Its about principle and if you start compromising on them, all is lost for good. The only best way out is that a suitable mechanism should have been decided with a flexible time period, but unfortunately it seems that this is not the case. A stand that he has been forgiven is simply out of question, neither he has apologized nor a referendum has been conducted. No matter how much you side line it, this will re emerge with the strongest force possible.

            Till now it seems that we have got two different groupings in the making. PPP, MQM & PML-q firm on no trial. The other group which is yet to emerge but most likely it will be an alliance of PML-N, JI and PTI. The latter two imminently carry no weight as they boycotted the election but no one can deny there existence. So the lines have already been drawn but still its extremely sad to know that the protectors of democracy have decided to put it at stake on the statements of characters like Brig Imtiaz, Gen Naseer, Maj Aamir and so on. In the end one is left thinking was it worth that any way?



  1. Really Good but Talking about the cold war, what’s new. Our Dirty Politics already dump with thieves comprises a series of such events where the leaders conduct changes for their personal interest rather than country’s welfare. Yesterday, a voice from press conference of some political leaders struck my ear that “we want the prosperity of Pakistan and somebody should ask the Musharaf that what was done in last 7-8 years except pushing the whole nation in darkness/curse”. It could not be understand that what’s going on here??? A person who had junk the whole innocent and not conversant nation in the foggy curse of poorness, who made the nation a disastrous state as might one what was the economic conditions of Pakistan’s when the military takeover happened in 1998. So such word doesn’t seem so good to hear from such person. That’s what we call a Dirty Politics!!!! Playing game for the personal enmity. Secondly, the trial for Musharaf should be there as we are democratic state but Do That Trial Should Base Over The Facts Or Somebody’s Personal Enmity???? That is the question that should be ponder by every Pakistani. Every political leader must be realized that trial should be there for every government either dictator or some political party ruling there. As far as the Sugar Crisis and Energy Crisis is concern, I think the previous autocratic government possesses some flaws but the in Punjab Sector everybody well knows who enjoys the sugar market?????

  2. @kiyani
    welcome 2 truth denied
    firstly for sure there should be no politics or personnel gain when we day Mush must stand trial………….because article 6 holds serious consequences and it must be used with absolute responsibility………
    ny how leave how Pakistan was before 98…..just b sure that at that time neither we had friend of democratic pakistan nor USA on our back……..we were in a state of sanctions but still it was much better than Mush because at that time we had dignity and self respect that we have lost under Mush……..
    its not Nawaz or N’s duty to put Musharaff on trial…………its ur and mine coz he betrayed 180 million Pakistanis

  3. Thanks,

    Somebody has well said if you want to survive in deep swamp then it’s better to have cordial relations with existing crocodiles or else they will dump you. That’s what he did for our nation. A tricky politics with US…. And What Dignity and Self Respect we have now????? At that time, If such circumstances arose that led Pakistan to serious security issues, as we have India the biggest enemy in our neighbors then what we will do with that dignity??? Will we Fight against whole world??? And then became slaves??? Such Dignity and Self Respect???? I think Nobody wants to try such dignity in his lunch…. What kind of democracy????? Whoever comes in power, plays games for himself either military men or democratic leader. Uptill now, our common man is Slave in his own home… (A Bitter Truth)… Anybody knows why?? Because the problem is with us, a common poor man of Pakistan. First we elect them then abuse them. If our nation thinks that referendum of Musharaf was sham one then why we remain silent??? And now we elected a democratic PPP, then why a common person is abusing them. Because we don’t anything, we are ignorant, whatever anybody says a common person agrees, don’t think at all. We had made salves ourselves. Well not ignorant from a trial, it should be there but not sham one!!!!!!

  4. One think more i want to add here, i think there is some timming problem. It’s 10.28 am right now.

  5. @ kiyani
    i will definitely read the link you have sent………..nd yes there is a prob with the clock of t.d………
    nyhow masses are easily mislead and this is not only in Pakistan but around the world…………imagine americans reelecting Pres Bush for a second term in 2004 on the basis of a video of Osama bin Laden………so its the same……….
    nyways it has been argued that Mush had no other option but to please Americans…………well thats rubbish………it had to happen that day or the other… giving all to america have they still not attacked you?by drones….7000 marines at US embassy…………SO as Tipu Sultan said
    “one day life of a loin is better than 100 years of a fox”
    when you have no way out…atleast go for the best option…….but Mush chose the worst option…….

  6. May be, well it’s all about the perceptions. But i partially disagrees

  7. @kiyani
    you have the absolute right to disagree……….but indeed let us knw where you disagree?the point

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