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ted-kennedyEdward Kennedy, the last heir to the Kennedy dynasty, died from cancer today. He was 77. Teddy, as he was famously known, was third in line to former US president John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, and some how fortunate as he did not suffer the same fate as his brothers. He served as senator for nearly 40 years, and for a reminder his endorsement of Barrack Hussain Obama was the most significant boost to his presidential campaign.

Kennedy’s, some times referred to as the uncrowned kings of America and undoubtedly one of the most unfortunate families, have lost their final torch bearer today. Misfortunes have always traced Kennedy’s, where JFK and Robert were assasinated, and recently JFK jr died in a plane crash along with his wife and sister in law, practically ending the new generation of Kennedy’s without any contribution. Caroline, Daughter of Jacquelline and John Kennedy, is still there but she has no plan yet to enter the politics, which is dubbed as the only profession Kennedy’s are made for.


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