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Well, undoubtedly Pakistan is a place where new records are set every day, but the recent crisis where the entire lot of country’s sugar disappeared is one of its kind. It was amazing how the crack down was launched, and in no time media screens were flashing with reports that thousands of sacks hidden from the public eye were discovered.
But like always, out of unknown reasons the accused party,which especially included Sugar Mills Foundation, were brought to the table of talks with highest honour, and as if they have achieved a fantastic feat, were awarded. This was no less than a “Mafia” style operation where you hijack the masses and get your illegitimate desires approved. It doesnt matter who was behind this whole drama and to which party he/she belonged, but simply letting them run away with there crime is a shame.
It was amazing to see how Punjab Law Minister on air claimed that Mr Wattoo has played an unfair game and his action has deprieved masses of billion. Whatever is the reality, I dont hold the establishement accused alone but I am ashamed that being Muslims just for the sake of money they have given sleepless nights to there needy brothers and sisters, and that too just before a holy month like Ramzan. What a shame. There is no other word to describe them as “criminal” and “thief” and they should be tried in the court of justice, no matter who they are



  1. Salam,

    Another name of a thief is politician 😉

    Ramadan Kareem to u n ur family!

    fee amaan Allah

    • So nice of you,,
      a very happy and blessed Ramadan to u also,,
      nyways i feel you have found the excellent replacement

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