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In Pakistan its a custom that whenever their is a rumour, it must be having a reason. The term Minus1 was familiar a few months back during judiciary crisis, where it was believed that CJ Iftikhar might be wiped out, but that wasnt the case later. Strangely it has reemerged again, but this time the entity it will target is unclear. Presently, it was the establishment which surprised every one by bringing to light this term, and some highly placed sources came out by saying that this will not be tolerated. Ofcourse many heads rolled and the presumed destination was the President house.
The timing closely coincided with the reopening of NRO, which is definitely an outstanding bone of contention. Will the supreme court seal the fate of President Zardari is yet to be seen, but undoubtedly this new initiative has given some sleepless nights to the establishment. Having this theory aside, its very important to see how this formula if it comes into play will effect the country, which is already facing onslaught from different frontiers. I have yet to see why our politicians dont learn to live and survive together. This democratic setup has come as a blessing, and it has given what I believe as the last chance to the politicians to restore there credibility and pride. But the way they have managed the affairs in the last one and a half year, the only word to strike my mind is “pathetic”.
First it was the question of judiciary, then the 17th Amendment and later Musharaff’s trial, on every front they have behaved in the most immature way. Even if the plot has been set against Mr Zardari, I must say that it will be a big set back for the whole system. No doubt his tenure is marked with many lows then high’s, his removal from the scene will only ignite the whole political scenario and we can well expect that a looming volcano will burst in no time. On the other hand if its Mr Nawaz who has become the new “eye’s apple” for the US, atleast he can look back and grasp what there friendship means in the end.
All this is because of a simple reason, which is that our politicians never feel that there actual strenght lies in the masses whom they rule, not the powers which rule from the outside. If that is the case, decisions would have been made inside the state, not that all eyes would have been glued to a person like Halbrooke. His visit sends a wave of suspicion to the whole atmosphere, as if every thing will move with there blessing.
Its high time that the political forces reconcile , but that reconciliation should not be to strengthen each other power, but infact it should be for the well being and betterment of Pakistan. The coming weeks will unfold the events, but still one can sense that something special, whether good or bad is in the waiting. Lets see who is shown the door. Where we always want a peaceful settlement, it seems that our politicians wants something else.


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