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LAND_M1A1s_Advance_lgThe day first US predator drone struck targets inside Pakistan, many circles started guessing what more is to come. The face saving protest by our establishment is all we could hear from time to time, but ofcourse the gate way was already provided.
A few days back a very suspicious announcement was made on behalf of Obama administration that a sum of $1 billion has been allocated for the construction of residential facility at the US embassy in Islamabad. Now any sane person with a little knowledge of construction can easily calculate that with this amount, you can build an entire new city in terms of Pakistani rupee value. Just today, many papers have reported that this new expansion in US embassy is infact to house 7000 US marines that will be stationed inside Pakistan, and for a bigger surprise its also in the air that around 2000 of them have already reached Pakistan.
I have yet to recover from the shock of this revelation, when I think that after this what else remains in terms of our “sovereignity”. What is teh government planning for us in the next few years is hard to understand, but if this continues like this it wont be long that we will be turned into a colony of US like South Korea and Japan (or is it already too late).
Whether it is the part of Obama’s AFPAK or some other cruel design, we cannot ask for a worst night mare than that. Its time that as a nation we stop compromising out dignity, faith and nationalism. How can we see right infront of our eyes our Pakistan being annexed by alien powers?


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