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For me as a teen, 14th August was no more than a day when the night skies will change, with buildings decorated around the city and fireworks going on around the city. It took a long while to finally understand what this day really meant, and what we were its implication.

            This 14th August is more special than any I could remember, as just a few months back we were fighting a war to save our very existence, against an evil enemy which was all out to disrupt our foundations. At the same time there was a flood of IDP’s in the open skies, uncertain about there future and fate. But the sweetest memory came last night from the streets of a valley named SWAT, where the locals poured in thousands to celebrate and salute the brave sons of this land, which came from every corner of Pakistan to libertate them, and in this task laid down there lives. They were out there to thank the people of Pakistan, for returning the joy of freedom back to there faces, for accommodating a flood of 2.5 milliom IDP’s, and for there trust and faith in them.

            Pakistanis are rightly dubbed as “unpredictables”, as they have shown in the last few months. We have conquered a mountain of difficulties, but we are well aware that still there is a long way to go.

            We at CHOWRANGI dedicate this 14th August to the martyrs, Ghazis and the families of operation Rah e Rast, for there huge sacrifice. We dedicate this day to the volunteers, NGO’s, Locals and Pak army for there unmatched rehabilitation and relief effort.






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