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9-11-is-a-lie9/11 is the single event which totally shook the Foreign Policy, National Security and Relations of nearly all the countries of the world like no other event has done before. But the thing is that the number of casuality was 4,000 which is nothing when we consider other incidents but what made it so important and so alarming is first to be discussed.
It was just not the collapse of 2 towers in NewYork. Its not wrong when they say that the collapse of World Trade Towers was a signal that the structure these mighty nations have developed will also follow the same fate. When we come to Pentagon, it was not American defence only but the complete network of military alliances, operations overseas and the American military arsenal which is un doubtedly the greatest in the world history, the real source by which America and West had established its hegemony which has come down.
After addressing it we come to another aspect of this episode: Who Did It ? now from day1 we were hearing many conspiracy theories. First it was seen as a work of some state like Libya which has previous record of such actions(1988 Lockeby Bombing). The question in every one mind was that who has grown so powerful to challenge Americans . An unfamiliar name “AL-QAEDA” came up with its leader Osama Bin Laden in the headlines every where. For common Muslim like me he received my appreciations and regards. For over half a century America was seen as a power un-challengeable and with its support to Israel it was seen as a natural enemy of Islam. Now here was the situation, the beacon of democracy, freedom, development and new world order was attacked by a non-state “Terrorist” organization and it has shooked the whole West right to its roots.
At the same time theories came as is it was Israeli were involved because they had stopped their 3000 citizens from working that day or it was done by Americans themselves. To this I will only say that do you believe that every one associated with Israel has no care for human rights, as if they dont have any heart and if Americans have done it, had they gained from it. They had given every thing to their defence since the start of Cold war and a group of 19 Arabs will be allowed to declare Americans as a fool. Another thing comes that 9/11 never happened. It was just a simulation drama. Give me a break we are talking about New York not Sahara desert where you can get away like this. Why Israelis were not in office? Simply that it was around 8.30 and the executives never arrive that early( of course Jews hold top positions) but still their were Jews who lost their lives that day.
The question remains that what really happened, how it happened and who made it happen?
I term it as a action of a non-state actor initiated by a non-state actor. Bin Laden did it I agree and those 19 guys really existed, were in that flight and were responsible and in control of these 4 four planes. Here comes the real fact, they went with pure faith that this will be the gate way to paradise and this is totally revealed if you examine their letters and wills found in their luggage. This reveals one thing, a hidden hand which had merged itself into them and brain washed them to do this. So what I say is that they are used in such a way that even they never knew that they were playing into the hands of this Organization I will call ”X”. About X identity I will not say much but for sure it is also some structure that is non-state, close and active every where.
Now there are some real catching facts attached to it. Both Mr. Osama and his 2nd in command Dr. Zawahri are not Muslim scholars or Mufti’s as we call them. To enforce a FATWA they needed this authority. So when they declared Jihad on America two years prior to 9/11, they took the aid of blind cleric Sheikh Umar. This shows influence of diverse forces. I am not pointing the this cleric that he was not loyal but it shows the complex web of events that took place before the main episode. Now a few months back it was revealed that Pakistan Secret Service grabbed a “Mullah” from Wana which was 1st an Indian and 2nd a non-Muslim. From 1996 when Taliban emerged he was planted by Raw to be a part of this chain. God knows till today he has motivated how many people to do no matter what. We are talking about such kind of intrigue. I presume that may be in Egypt or Saudia some activity of this sort has taken place and the result was 9/11. We know that Euro, Americans and Israeli forces were active in Egypt right from the time of “Muslim Brotherhood” and to give another link Mr. Zawahri was tried in Egypt for the murder of Anwar Saadat.
What does this prove? It can be stated that by a coordinated and well planned effort “X” has made in roads to the circles of Islamic teaching, From their they have introduced a newer version of Islam which the West says “EXTREMIST or FOUNDAMENTAL” and this has embarked the world on the path of “CLASH OF CIVILIZATION” which is feared the most. Now where does the fault lies is to be answered. In this part I will try to remain neutral as much as I can. Yes the West was responsible when they kept on hurting Muslim sentiments and kept on checking the patience of Muslims. For oner 55 years an illegitimate state “ISRAEL” has destroyed the peace of a whole region i.e Middle-East and no doubt most of the 19 came from their. Secondly when ever the Weat felt the need they moulded the system to their liking. Classic example of this case is Soviet invasion of Afghanistan(1979) where they used this “extremist-forces” to their ends. It has been proved time and time again that the un-checked support to these groups by US in the era of 1980 made them invincible in such a manner that it became impossible to control them in the future.
On Islamic side the problem lies in the level of democracy, deviation from Islam and ever growing anger and frustration. The Executive in Islamic states have always felt it as a danger to introduce new vision into their kingdoms and have always crushed the popular sentiments. Take the example of any Muslim state and the dis-satisfaction from the Governance is evident. The 2nd factor is deviation from Islam. The true meaning of Islam is “PEACE” which is unknown to half the population. Above it Muslims have got more scholars than their followers and this has given to new and abstract ideas every now and then.
Having said this neither Muslims nor West has learnt any thing from the episode of 9/11. They still hurt our sentiments when they draw blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H) or Pope goes on to say that Islam was spread by sword. On the other hand Muslims instead of reforming themselves took up arms against themselves and this has given a new dimension to this process. Muslims have blamed West for all their misery which I strongly dis-agree and for this you cannot kill innocent people whether they are Western or muslims.
One thing which is very vague is the hypothesis given in the favour that this extremism is the effect of lack of literacy and poor economical condition. Let me point out that the leadership and the follower of these organizations are not only learned but above this they are qualified from Western institutes and about financial question this evolution is caused by ideas not by financial condition. To make this point more valid the 7/7 London bombers were brought up in the Western society and with Western teaching but still they followed this path. It points to a different direction that fromWest or Christianity we can see the emergence of ‘Extremism” and history supports it. Muslims were never the major donor to 1st and 2nd World War neither the “Holocaust” was carried by Muslims. Go a bit earlier and you have “Black Death” epidemic of 16th century and its aftermath on Jews and other religion by the Christians.
To sum it all it is presumed that both civilization are on a path of collision and that too head on. The need of the time is that flexibility should be shown. An increase in co-operation and understanding will highlight this menace “X” from the scene and only in that way this danger can be stalled. If not it will not take long when the main actor in world politics will be replaced by “IDEOLOGICAL/RELIGIOUS” forces and their will be no return.



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